II-VI Incorporated Introduces High Durability Dielectric-coated Metal Mirrors for High Power Fiber Laser Systems

II-VI’s metal mirrors feature precision dielectric coatings deposited by ion beam sputtering that can achieve long-lasti…

‘Double-slit’ quantum experiment shows strangeness of quantum uncertainty

This theory combines wave and particle aspects in quantum mechanics be postulating that the motion of a particle is chor…

PowerPhotonic launches new freeform Field Mapper SAC

The fast axis of an edge emitting diode has a Gaussian intensity profile and the slow axis is super-gaussian. A single …

Custom diode lasers and UV LEDs - FBH demonstrates systems for LiDAR & SERDS

The systems can be equipped with diode lasers of various wavelengths and power ranges. Laser diodes, which are wavelengt…

Thin, lightweight metamaterials with record-breaking efficiencies

Whereas typical lenses are bulky, curved pieces of glass, these novel devices are made of carefully engineered nanostruc…



Scientists unlock the potential of ultra-thin 2D materials

The research team, led by Dr Hieu Nguyen, used an innovative approach to show the maximum voltage achievable through light absorption for the single-atom-thin materials

Image: Jack Fox, ANU

Solar cells (like people!) work better with caffeine

In UCLA-led study, perovskite-based devices benefit from the strong bond between lead and the same chemical found in coffee and tea

UNIST Unveils Low-cost and High-efficiency Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Their findings have been published in the March 2019 issue of Nano Energy. The study finds key to produce perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells that display high efficiency (21.19%).