New optical pulse seen in micro-combs may unlock practical applications

A new class of microcomb pulse may lead to pocket sized ultra-precise optical clocks able to replace GPS and other appli…

Optical Clocks Started the Calibration of the International Atomic Time

Researchers in NICT and LNE-SYRTE operated their strontium optical lattice clocks independently from December 2 to 12 an…

Light pulses provide a new route to enhance superconductivity

Using numerical simulations, the researchers found that this unconventional type of conductivity, which is believed to t…

12,000 holes per second with 1 µm diameter

With their new multibeam system, the experts in Aachen are able to create precision holes with diameters of less than on…

New FWS-Poly Laser Version by Spectrolight

The FWS Poly Laser Version will also debut with six models covering the visible, UV, and custom wavelength ranges



Light From an Exotic Crystal Semiconductor Could Lead to Better Solar Cells

Their discovery involves crystals called hybrid perovskites, which consist of interlocking organic and inorganic materials, and they have shown great promise for use in solar cells

Hybrid Perovskites

Unleashing perovskites’ potential for solar cells

New results show how varying the recipe could bring these materials closer to commercialization.

New Class of Solar Cells, Using Lead-free Perovskite Materials

Their findings have been published in the November 2018 issue of Advanced Energy Materials.