Concept Laser’s compact 3D Printer performs well in the dental industry

Concept Laser’s compact 3D Printer  performs well in the dental industry

Concept Laser’s compact 3D Printer performs well in the dental industry


April 13, 2017

Since 2011, the dental industry has adopted the compact Mlab machine from Concept Laser for the additive manufacturing of patient-specific implants, bridges and crowns. At the international trade fair IDS 2017, Concept Laser showed the new Mlab cusing 200R. This system scores highly with end-users, in particular for the rapid throughput and attractive build envelope. Many other new features are also ideally suited to dental laboratories and technicians.

Strong performance profile

The new Mlab cusing 200R features space-saving ergonomics, and an intuitively designed display. It is the right machine when it comes to delivering high surface quality and the finest part structures. In comparison to the Mlab cusing R, larger components can be manufactured with enhanced productivity, without the machine losing any of its familiar compactness. The doubling of the average power of the fibre laser to 200 watts ensures a higher build rate. Another new feature is a clamping system which enables more accurate component positioning.

Concept Laser’s compact 3D Printer performs well in the dental industry

Practical advantages

In addition, the Mlab cusing 200R boasts a larger filter, resulting in a considerable reduction in downtimes and thus much greater availability. Special features are the water-floodable filter and the modular structure of the machine. The process chamber and handling section are physically separate enabling safe and easy part handling. For this purpose, a handling station for loading and unloading the machine is docked on so that the build module can be transferred easily using a drawer principle. The handling station is then made inert. The operator accesses the station through gloves in order to carry out the loading process or to remove parts. After the end of the process, the build module is “pulled” back into the machine and finally the handling station is undocked. The concept of the closed system was a must-have for the Mlab cusing 200R: All process steps take place under inert gas, shielded from external influences. The whole process can therefore be implemented with the maximum level of quality and safety. This is also guaranteed by the machine’s design in accordance with ATEX directives for safe processing of reactive materials such as titanium and titanium alloys. For the Mlab cusing 200R, Concept Laser now also offers the option of the new, inert sieving station QM Powder S as a stand-alone unit. The user can apply a variable number of sieves (1 - 3 units). A three-dimensional sieving motion enables optimum utilization of the sieve surface area.

About Concept Laser and ES Technology

Concept Laser is one of the world’s leading providers of technology to support the 3D printing of metal components. The patented LaserCUSING® process – powder-bed-based laser melting of metals – frees designers and engineers from the constraints of more traditional manufacturing methods, allowing tool-free manufacturing of highly complex parts. The company’s customers come from many different sectors, including the aerospace, medical, dental, automotive and jewelry industries. ES technology is an authorized partner for sales and service of the Concept Laser systems in UK and Ireland.

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