PowerPhotonic launches new freeform Field Mapper SAC

The fast axis of an edge emitting diode has a Gaussian intensity profile and the slow axis is super-gaussian. A single …

Custom diode lasers and UV LEDs - FBH demonstrates systems for LiDAR & SERDS

The systems can be equipped with diode lasers of various wavelengths and power ranges. Laser diodes, which are wavelengt…

Thin, lightweight metamaterials with record-breaking efficiencies

Whereas typical lenses are bulky, curved pieces of glass, these novel devices are made of carefully engineered nanostruc…

Tiny light box opens new doors into the nanoworld

The researchers used a well-known TMDC material – tungsten disulphide – but in a new way. By creating a tiny resonance b…

Laser Welding System for Polymers Delivers High Speed and Superior Results

At the heart of ExactWeld 230 P is a galvanometer scanned diode laser that enables quasi-simultaneous welding over compl…



Scientists unlock the potential of ultra-thin 2D materials

The research team, led by Dr Hieu Nguyen, used an innovative approach to show the maximum voltage achievable through light absorption for the single-atom-thin materials

Image: Jack Fox, ANU

Solar cells (like people!) work better with caffeine

In UCLA-led study, perovskite-based devices benefit from the strong bond between lead and the same chemical found in coffee and tea

UNIST Unveils Low-cost and High-efficiency Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Their findings have been published in the March 2019 issue of Nano Energy. The study finds key to produce perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells that display high efficiency (21.19%).