Hitting the quantum ‘sweet spot’: researchers find best position for atom qubits in silicon

Creating quantum bits, or qubits, by precisely placing phosphorus atoms in silicon – the method pioneered by

Futuristic International expands distribution in India to cover all Iridian filter types

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An INRS research team pushes back the boundaries of high-energy laser pulses

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Excelitas Technologies Introduces Generation 2 905 nm High-Volume Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Diode for Range Finding and Industrial LiDAR

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Breaking the Power & Speed Limit of Lasers

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Scientists boost stability and efficiency of next-gen solar tech

The scientists first improved the interface between the perovskite active layer and the electron transport layer, by adding a chemical called EDTAK between the two layers. They found that

The OIST Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit works with solar cells and modules of varying size