Quantum Computing with Molecules for a Quicker Search of Unsorted Databases

The scientists implemented Grover’s algorithm in a molecular magnet that was subjected to superposition with specially d…

Finding Majoranas

UC Santa Barbara scientists are on the cusp of a major advance in topological quantum computing

Optically tunable microwave antennas for 5G applications

The research could dramatically improve the performance of future communication and radar systems because without this t…

D-Wave Announces Upgrades to D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer

Two of the most powerful new capabilities are reverse annealing and virtual graphs. These features enable significant pe…

An acoustic cage for electrons

The basic setup described in the paper consists of a layered structure: a thin, quasi two-dimensional film of a semicond…



Butterfly Wing Inspires Photovoltaics: Light Absorption Can Be Enhanced by Up to 200 Percent

Prior to transferring the nanostructures to solar cells, the researchers determined the diameter and arrangement of the nanoholes on the wing of the butterfly by means of scanning electron microscopy. Then, they analyzed the rates of light absorption for various

Nanostructures of the wing of Pachliopta aristolochiae can be transferred to solar cells and enhance their absorption rates by up to 200 percent