Photonics & Physics

Scientists use "pen and ink" to control how materials interact with light

Threatened with extinction by biros and computers, the nib pen could be set to make an unexpected comeback in the field of nanotechnology

Excimer Laser Annealing for Brilliant Displays

A new generation of systems for excimer laser annealing is the basis for mass manufacturing fast and energy-saving backplanes which render mobile displays the high-resolution, all-rounders that have become

New Industrial Picosecond Laser Delivers Operational Versatility at a Market Enabling Price

The first RAPID NX offers 6W of average power at 1064 nm and a pulsewidth of


Cosmic radio burst caught red-handed

Lasting only milliseconds, the first such radio burst was discovered in 2007 by astronomers combing the Parkes data archive for unrelated objects. Six more bursts, apparently from outside our Galaxy, have now been found with the

Galactic ‘hailstorm’ in the early Universe

Astronomers have been able to peer back to the young Universe to determine how quasars – powered by supermassive black holes with the mass of a billion suns – form and shape the evolution of galaxies

Astronomers use vanishing neutron star to measure space-time warp

In an interstellar race against time, astronomers have measured the space-time warp in the gravity of a binary star and determined the mass of a neutron star

Unusual Light Signal Yields Clues About Elusive Black Hole Merger

The central regions of many glittering galaxies, our own Milky Way included, harbor cores of impenetrable darkness—black holes with masses equivalent to millions, or even billions, of suns. What is more, these supermassive black holes and their host galaxies appear

Cosmic Jets of Young Stars Formed by Magnetic Fields

International team of researchers uses laser light and intense magnetic fields to simulate astrophysical jets in the lab

Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth

A team led by the University of Colorado Boulder has discovered an invisible shield some 7,200 miles above Earth that blocks so-called

Imaging & Machine Vision

New edition: IP66 Gecko camera enclosure from autoVimation

autoVimation has developed a special heat guide camera mount for the thermal imaging cameras that is compatible with all ax5 focal lengths and

Real-time Laue Single Crystal Orientation Tool

The single crystal Laue Orientation Tool uses a unique back scattered detector geometry and provides real time alignment facilities down to

Videology Introduces the RAVEN

WDR technology creates video capture scenes that provide a quality display in both bright and dark areas. There are no black out areas, as often happens with standard cameras in certain

Medical Engineering

Using light to understand the brain

UCL researchers have developed an innovative way to understand how the brain works by using flashes of light, allowing them to both read and write brain signals.

Laser scientists’ new research could improve the treatment of the 5 million asthma sufferers in the UK

UK scientists have used a laser beam trap to examine how drug particles from asthma inhalers behave as they are projected through the air. Their findings could improve the effectiveness of inhalers for the over 5 million people in the UK

New publications detail photonics advances by UT Arlington physics team

A University of Texas at Arlington physics team is using their expertise in the field of optics and photonics to advance new methods in areas such as mapping the neural circuitry of the brain and guiding neurons to potentially

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TCL 55” Quantum Dot TV with Color IQ™ Optics Debuts at CES 2015

The Quantum Dot TVs are the most advanced sets on the market today, with best-in-class color performance enabled by Color IQ™ optics from QD Vision. The TVs offer superior performance

Planar Introduces Industry-First 98” 4K Touch Display

With 32 simultaneous touch points, the display is designed for a wide variety of resolution-rich, collaborative applications including meeting rooms, training facilities and command and

Reflected smartphone transmissions enable gesture control

UW engineers have developed a new form of low-power wireless sensing technology that could soon contribute to this growing field by letting users

A step towards a more efficient way of storing energy

Inspired by the electron transfer properties of quinones in biological systems, scientists recently reported on investigations of quinone redox couples based on the reversible protonation of molecules. The incorporation of earth-abundant and inexpensive quinone molecules into aqueous flow batteries is advantageous over current flow battery technologies in terms of


Sony Introduces the α7II, the World’s First Full-Frame Camera with 5-Axis Image Stabilization

The new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is the world’s first full-frame camera to feature 5-axis image stabilization1, allowing it to compensate for camera movement in five different directions to produce extremely sharp handheld images.

New Canon EOS 7D Mark II digital SLR camera achieves greatly enhanced high-speed continuous shooting, AF performance

The new Canon EOS 7D Mark II, in addition to achieving a fast continuous shooting speed of up to approximately 10 frames per second, features an all-new AF system that covers a wide imaging area and employs 65 autofocus points, each of which provides


RideOn’s Indiegogo Campaign Brings Augmented Reality to Ski Slopes for First Time

RideOn goggles

The experience of riding down the mountain will change dramatically in 2015. RideOn, a startup based in Tel Aviv, recently unveiled their prototype of ski goggles of the


Experience Virtual Reality with ZEISS VR ONE


To dive into virtual worlds, all the user needs to do is select an appropriate VR app and slide his or her smartphone into the headset using the tray provided. ZEISS VR ONE will initially be available worldwide with a tray for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the iPhone 6


For the first time in industry, Sharp Develops 7.0" Tablet with MEMS-IGZO display

Sharp Tablet equipped with MEMS-IGZO Display

The MEMS-IGZO display on this tablet is a cutting-edge display jointly developed with Pixtronix, Inc. (hereafter "Pixtronix"), a subsidiary company of Qualcomm Incorporated. By integrating Pixtronix's MEMS display technology and


Life style

Jaquet Droz presents The Bird Repeater Geneva

The Bird Repeater Geneva

At the center of the dial, a pair of elegant goldfinches have nested right in the heart of Île Rousseau, the island paradise for birds located precisely at the entrance to the lake. These creatures, their plumage as brightly colored as a Fauvist canvas, hand-sculpted in gold


Introducing a new Seiko Astron design, inspired by the curvature of the Earth.


The new models have a bold, domed sapphire glass, representing the curvature of our planet and the stratosphere that surrounds it.