Nano ‘sandwich’ offers unique properties

The Rice-led study was the first to take a theoretical approach to defining the electronic and optical properties of one…

Miniature device is three times more efficient in generating new colours of laser pulses

The newly developed, open-source simulation package - called Hussar - allows even an inexperienced user to build a compl…

New functional principle to generate the „third harmonic“

More efficient processes for the generation of extremely short laser pulses play an important role in the research work …

Penn Engineers Overcome a Hurdle in Growing a Revolutionary Optical Metamaterial

Such materials could be used to make lenses, cameras and microscopes with better performance, or possibly even

New Mechanical Metamaterials Can Block Symmetry of Motion, Findings Suggest

The researchers’ breakthrough lies in the ability to overcome reciprocity, a fundamental principle governing many physic…



Dream of energy-collecting windows is one step closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Milano-Bicocca are bringing the dream of windows that can efficiently collect solar energy one step closer to reality thanks to high-tech silicon nanoparticles. The researchers developed technology to embed the

The researchers developed technology to embed the silicon nanoparticles into what they call efficient luminescent solar concentrators

Printable solar cells just got a little closer

New University of Toronto Engineering research removes a key barrier to large-scale manufacture of low-cost, printable perovskite solar cells