Phantom S711

Vision Research introduces the Phantom S711

Phantom S711

Phantom S711


January 29, 2024 – Vision Research introduced the Phantom S711, a streaming Machine Vision high speed camera capable of 7 Gpx/ sec. It leverages CXP-over-Fiber (CXPoF) to transfer data and images for immediate analysis. The S711 provides over 7,000 fps at full 1 Mpx resolution of1280 x 800, and over 240,000 at the lowest resolution, offering the unique capability of very high frame rates in a streaming format.

Like the Phantom S641, the Phantom S711 has up to two Regions of Interest (ROI), a flexible feature that allows users to focus on exactly the region they want to analyze and transfer only the data in the specified area. This significantly reduces unwanted data flow and can even increase frame rates over the traditional transfer methods. Also, the S711 has additional ease-of-use features including Auto-exposure and Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR), and a mechanical shutter for remote black references to ensure the best image.

The Phantom S711 can be used with just one or both fiber outputs, depending on the amount of data to be transferred. The fibers connect to fiber frame grabbers located in a PC.  The camera uses CXP12 and is GenICam compliant. 

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