MORITEX announces High-Performance Telecentric Lens "MML3-HR110DVI/VI-43F" for Large-Size Object Elements

MML Series for High-Resolution Inspection Applications

MORITEX High-Performance Telecentric Lens Model MML3-HR110DVI

MORITEX High-Performance Telecentric Lens Model MML3-HR110DVI


July 7, 2017

MORITEX Corporation, a manufacturer of machine vision systems and image-related   equipment, has developed high-performance telecentric lens model MML3-HR110DVI/VI-43F for large-size object elements.

MORITEX markets machine vision systems that combine various optical components, including light source devices, optical fiber light guides, machine micro lenses (MML), CCTV lenses, LED lighting devices, and CCD cameras, for image processing applications. These machine vision systems are used for image processing in various industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, liquid crystal display manufacturing, electronic parts mounting, factory line monitoring, and other production activities.

The newly announced MML3-HR110DVI/ VI-43F model is high-performance telecentric lens for large-size object elements which in combination with high-resolution cameras enables wide-scope inspections of outst anding accuracy. Moreover, as a characteristic of telecentric optics, the lens is able to accurately inspect and measure work of uneven height.

As a leading company in the field of machine vision systems combining lenses, lighting devices, and cameras, MORITEX will continue to provide the total solution image processing environments that address the diverse needs of users in the image processing market.