Credit: Civan Lasers

Civan Lasers Unveils 500W Single Mode Continuous Wave 532nm Laser

Global Record Broken with Revolutionary Laser Technology

Credit: Civan Lasers

Figure 1. Credit: Civan Lasers


(Jerusalem, Sep 8 th 2023) Civan Lasers, a leading Laser manufacturer based on Coherent Beam Combining (CBC), has announced the successful development of a 500W Single Mode Continuous Wave 532nm laser (Figure 1), marking a world record for such a laser type. This green laser stands apart from others on the market because of its exceptional beam quality, a feature hard to attain with current laser technologies. While traditional lasers try to get high brightness by pushing power through a single crystal channel, risking damage over time, our laser employs the Coherent Beam Combining (CBC) method. This approach combines multiple lasers into one coherent beam without the need to danger single crystal, ensuring longer-lasting and dependable performance.

Coherent Beam Combining (CBC) brings a suite of advantages: it can produce high-power CW Single Mode beams, offers scalability for even greater power levels, and introduces power modulation capabilities - a significant advancement given that 532nm lasers typically require stable crystal temperatures. With CBC, this dependency is eliminated. Furthermore, CBC provides the versatility of delivering green with IR, paving the way for diverse material processing applications.

The laser was conceived and developed as part of the EUREKA project "CBC-Green", a collaborative effort involving Fraunhofer IWS, Siemens, and Thyssenkrupp (Link for project description). Following its development, the laser will be sent to Fraunhofer IWS. There, they will spearhead the process development for Siemens and Thyssenkrupp and further explore the laser's capabilities and potential applications.

The high-power Single Mode Continuous Wave (SM CW) green laser shows great promise in a range of material processing applications. These include welding highly reflective materials such as copper, welding in the semiconductor domain—particularly chip-to-wafer welding, which could serve as an alternative to traditional wire bonding processes—and Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) of copper. While these are some of the immediate applications identified, the scope of this laser technology is vast. Its potential stretches beyond what is currently known, suggesting that there are still uncharted territories and innovative applications awaiting discovery.

Green Laser Coherent Beam Combining Diagram
Figure 2: Green Laser Coherent Beam Combining Diagram

The trajectory of development for the green laser product is ongoing. Civan Lasers is intent on advancing the prototype by aiming to cut its size by half, dramatically lowering its cost, amplifying its power capabilities, and introducing a dynamic beam within the green Laser . As the laser technology realm continues to expand and transform, Civan Lasers steadfastly pioneers new frontiers.

About Civan

Founded in 2008, Civan Lasers stands apart as the sole provider of dynamic beam lasers. With this technology, manufacturers are empowered to manipulate beam shape, frequency, and sequence for optimal results. Dynamic beam lasers eliminate spatter, increase welding power, and allow for faster welding speeds all while providing the ability to steer and focus the beam. These advanced capabilities unlock a world of new possibilities for a variety of applications. Visit Civan

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