Vescent Photonics Matches Controllers to Low-Thermal Mass Diode Lasers

Easier than ever to control hermetically sealed diode lasers

Laser Controller

Laser Controller


Arvada, CO, 20 Jan. 04, 2018. The Vescent Photonics D2-105 Laser Controller is well-known for being the lowest-noise current source on the market. It also provides two independent control loops for stabilizing the temperature of the laser being driven. As more users have coupled the D2-105 to 3rd-party hermetically sealed diode lasers, the need to control a low-thermal mass lasers has grown. To accommodate this need, Vescent has expanded the range of time constants on the thermal loop. “This improvement will decrease set up time for our customers, allowing them to get more productive work done,” says Michael Radunsky, VP of Sales & Marketing for Vescent. “We are pleased to add this feature to the product.”

The change to the D2-105 will allow the PID loop to thermally control a wider range of laser types to the millikelvin level - a requirement in optical physics work including cold atom research, quantum communications and computing, and precise timing. “We strive to serve the highest requirements of the AMO community (Atomic & Molecular Optical Physics). We need to keep pace by improving our product line where we can,” says Radunsky. The modification will improve compatibility with TO can lasers, butterfly lasers, and the TOSA package offered by Photodigm.

Vescent Photonics, Inc., a privately held company, was founded in 2002 to develop and manufacture technologies in waveguide, electro-optics, tunable lasers, and electronics for precision laser control.