The world’s only aspheric 4‘‘ Fizeau lens

With the presentation of the world's only aspheric 4 '' Fizeau lens a|FizeriC, asphericon revolutionizes measurement technology.

Innovative handling concept of a|FizeriC 4‘‘

Fig. 2: Innovative handling concept of a|FizeriC 4‘‘


Jena, November 2017: For the first time, a 4 ” lens allows the coverage of a large measuring range that could previously only be measured using a 6 ” lens.

In addition to the reduction in the number of lenses used and the associated weight reduction, the use of an asphere at lithography level ensures the distinct increase in the measuring range. Figure 1 shows the differences between aspheric and spherical lenses. While both have an identical 4″ input beam diameter, only the aspheric lens widens intrinsically and achieves a larger aperture diameter. This considerably expands the application possibilities for existing Fizeau interferometers.

Measuring ranges in comparision: Aspheric vs. spherical Fizeau lens
Fig. 1: Measuring ranges in comparision: Aspheric vs. spherical Fizeau lens

In addition to the excellent quality of the Fizeau surfaces, which are available with both λ/10 and λ/20, the new a|FizeriC series impresses with its flexibility to cover numerous measurement requirements. Broad ranges of possible Fizeau radii (19 mm to 1143 mm) as well as R/D ratios (0.55 to 9) are acheived through our unique design. A 4” Zygo-Bayonet connector provides easy and fast integration into conventional measuring instruments.

A timeless and user-friendly handling concept ultimately ensures safe and simple lens removal and storing (Fig. 2).

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As an independent and recognized specialist, asphericon is among the technological leaders in the field of asphere manufacture. The basis for manufacture is a specially developed and patented technology to control CNC grinding and polishing machines. Using this globally unique equipment, small runs right through to large series can be manufactured with high precision. asphericon assists its customers from the initial optic design, via manufacturing and coating, full-surface interferometric measuring and documentation, through to the assembly of optical modules and their optical characterization.