Princeton Optronics Announces Very High Brightness, High Power, 808nm VCSEL Products for Nd:YAG Pumping

4.7mm x 4.7mm VCSEL array on submount and 3kW QCW VCSEL tiled arrays

4.7mm x 4.7mm VCSEL array on submount and 3kW QCW VCSEL tiled arrays


January 13, 2016

Princeton Optronics, a recognized leader in high efficiency, high power VCSELs and VCSEL arrays, announces the introduction two new products of high brightness, high power 808nm VCSEL arrays. The brightness levels of these arrays are comparable to the high brightness edge emitting lasers. Along with high temperature capability and wavelength stability of the VCSELs, these pumps will be superior choice for pumping Nd:YAG lasers.

One product is a chip on submount, based on recent results of power densities of 3.5kW/cm2 and delivering more than 800W of optical output power in QCW mode from a single chip of 4.5mm x 4.5mm. The array can be focused into a 1.3mm spot into the Nd:YAG crystal for end or side pumping. The CW power from the array is >250W.

VCSEL arrays can be tiled together in series for more output power and recent results show a tile of four quarter circle VCSEL arrays chips can output more than 3kW in QCW modes. The diameter of the emission area is 10mm and can be focused into 3mm area into the Nd:YAG crystal.

Princeton Optronics’ High Brightness 808nm VCSEL arrays exhibit electrical-optical efficiencies of more than 50% peak efficiencies at room temperature and offers >40% peak efficiencies at 60C. The temperature dependence of these devices are 0.07nm/deg C. This efficiency over temperature can make the total system cooling easier and more cost efficient while still delivering high output power.  

For more information, please visit: www.princetonoptronics.com

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