Phase One Launches the iXG Camera System

An Elegant Imaging System with Industrial Performance up to 100MP

Phase One Launches the iXG Camera

Phase One Launches the iXG Camera


COPENHAGEN, May 10, 2017 – Phase One today announced a new capture solution for Cultural Heritage digitization projects: the iXG Camera System. The industrial-build, fully integrated camera, available in 50MP and 100MP configurations, with exchangeable repro-lenses (72mm and 120mm macro) guaranteeing one million actuations, makes the iXG Camera System a powerful and robust imaging solution.

It has been specifically designed to process high volumes of Cultural Heritage subject matter -- documents, books, transparent film, glass plates, etc. -- with speed and precision. Operating on a new version of Capture One Cultural Heritage (CH) software, and with an adjustable copy stand, this camera system presents a complete solution from input to output for cultural institutions that require a higher standard of efficiency and accuracy in the preservation of their collections.  

The iXG Camera System provides precision focus control through motor driven focusing, with position recording of the lens to ensure accuracy. Contrast based autofocus sets distance and resolution parameters accurately. And Schneider Kreuznach repro-lenses provide the resolution, flatness, sharpness and color required for the most demanding reproduction applications. 

"We designed this camera system to address the need for high volume digitization, processes where efficiency and outstanding imaging quality are essential,” said Peter Stig-Nielsen, Business Manager, Phase One. "With our eye always on the future, we are driven to create this solution in a durable and dynamic system that works hard and stands the test of time. The iXG Camera System captures images of up to 100-megapixels of incredible detail, and stands out with customized software, Capture One Cultural Heritage, and adjustable copy stands to deliver efficiency in the precise capture of the world's finest cultural artifacts."  

Available as 50MP and 100MP models, the iXG Camera System has been built with CMOS sensors to ensure high resolution and low noise levels. And with the sensor's 4:3 aspect ratio, its capture area is maximized and suits most common paper formats. Used in combination with built–in ICC profiles of Capture One CH, the results show accurate colors and minute details, critical for the precise reproduction of precious materials.  

The iXG Camera System’s 100MP Achromatic model utilizes the world's most powerful black and white image capture device. With the highest available resolution and wide-spectrum sensitivity, the 100MP Achromatic opens up capabilities in multi-spectral and NIR (Near Infra-Red) imaging.  

Ready For Scientific Application Areas

The iXG Camera System has been designed as an open platform for new accessories needed to support a range of existing and new imaging applications. For example, with the addition of accessory lighting and filtering, the wide spectrum, infrared, and multi-spectral capabilities of the iXG meet the highest standards, and open the door to sequential imaging and computational imaging, required for both multi-spectral and 3D applications.

Availability and Pricing 

The iXG Camera System is available for order now through Phase One Cultural Heritage Partners: https://www.phaseone.com/cultural-heritage

Shipping commences in June, 2017.

For more details, please go to https://www.phaseone.com/iXG-high-volume-camera-system