MORITEX Announces Sales Launch of the rated voltage DC24V High Power Ring Illumination "CV-HR Series"

High Power Ring Illumination

High Power Ring Illumination "CV-HR Series"


December 20, 2017

MORITEX Corporation (head office: Asaka City, Saitama, Japan, president: Takao Sato), a manufacturer of machine vision systems and image-related equipment has announced the development of the rated voltage DC24V high power ring illumination“ CV-HR Series”. The “CV-HR Series” model will go on sale starting December 20th.

MORITEX  markets  machine  vision  systems  that  combine  various  optical  components, including light source devices, optical fiber light guides,  machine micro lenses (MML), CCTV lenses, LED lighting devices, and CCD cameras,  for  image processing  applications. These machine vision systems are used for image  processing in various industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, liquid  crystal  display  manufacturing, electronic parts mounting, factory line monitoring, and other production activities.

This "CV-HR  Series"  features high illuminance and uniformity.It is adapted with IP67 Protection and available to environment with splashing water and dust .There are 6 models for the external diameter φ116mm and 166mm for each emitted color red, blue and white.

As a leading company in the field of machine vision systems combining lenses, lighting devices, and cameras,  MORITEX will continue to provide the total  solution  image  processing  environments  that address the diverse needs of users in the image processing market.

Special characteristics

・High illuminance

・High uniformity

・Waterproof (IP67 Protection)