Telops Launches New HD and Super HD Infrared Cameras

FAST M200hd

FAST M200hd


QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, April 13, 2020 - Telops is proud to introduce a new line of high-definition infrared cameras with high-speed capability to bridge the gap in high-speed measurements with high image definition.

"We are very happy to come back with refreshed offerings for high-definition solutions. I am sure that our customers will appreciate the image quality of these new high-definition models that can even reach 3 megapixels. These are unique products that combine high image definition with the true radiometric measurement capability of each pixel in the image," says Philippe Lagueux, Scientific Product Line Manager at Telops.

First, the FAST M200hd brings in a high acquisition rate (180 Hz) at megapixel image resolution. It is a great camera to capture targets that require image resolution during high-speed experiments such as in experimental mechanics, NDT and image signature.

The Super HD Series brings infrared imaging to a whole new level with more than 3 megapixels capability combined with high acquisition rates. It provides unprecedented image quality and spatial resolution that allow to measure the crisp details of distant objects. Coming with Telops’ real-time temperature calibration and radiance, it becomes a tool of choice for the measurement of targets in the context of IR signature and ranging.


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