Eight new telecentric lenses by Opto Engineering with Optotune liquid lens autofocus




Zurich, Switzerland - March 15th, 2021 - Optotune and Opto Engineering and are proud to announce the release of eight new telecentric lenses. The lenses offer a broad magnification range from 0.24x to 3.5x and are suitable for the 2/3” camera sensor format. Each of the lenses features an Optotune focus tunable lens embedded into the Opto Engineering lens design to enable focus changes within milliseconds. This advantageous design offers a fully integrated solution for industrial vision systems. The integrated solution is an ideal choice for industrial microscopy and

industrial inspection customers who require a state-of-the-art lens, with superior imaging results, and a class-leading expanded depth-of-field.

Opto Engineering telecentric lenses with integrated Optotune focus tunable lenses are the ideal solution for:
• Industrial microscopes
• IC inspection
• Mobile camera inspection
• PCB inspection
Optotune and Opto Engineering telecentric lenses offer fast and reliable focusing, enhanced depth-of-field, high image quality, within a robust and compact form factor. They also offer camera orientation independence, low distortion, high image resolution, repeatable focus and no vignetting.


PMAG Model* Sensor size F# Working distance (mm)
0.243x  TCEL23036 (a)  2/3"  F/8  73.3 - 122.8 
0.50x  TCEL050  2/3"  F/12  112.2 - 146.0 
0.67x  TCEL066  2/3"  F/12  112.3 - 146.0 
0.75x  TCEL075  2/3"  F/12  112.5 - 146.0 
1.00x  TCEL100  2/3"  F/12  107.0 - 124.0 
1.50x  TCEL150 (b)  2/3" F/16  117.9 - 142.1 
2.50x  TCEL250 (b)  2/3"  F/20  117.8 - 142.2 
3.50x  TCEL350 (b)  2/3"  F/24  117.8 - 142.2 

* All models integrate Optotune focus tunable lenses.

a) Performances calculated with monochromatic light (LED emission); performance range in white light is smaller.

b) Performances guaranteed when used with vertical optical axis

About Optotune
Optotune develops and manufactures industry shaping active optical components that allow customers around the globe to innovate. Founded in 2008, we started out with our core technology of focus tunable lenses, which was inspired by the working principle of the human eye. Laser speckle reducers, 2D mirrors, tunable prisms and beam shifters are further additions to our product lines. Thanks to our deep understanding of optics and mechanics and a passion for technology, Optotune is your ideal partner when it comes to solving challenges where conventional optics fail. Optotune employs about 200 people and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.


About Opto Engineering
Opto Engineering® THE TELECENTRIC COMPANY has evolved through the years, releasing hundreds of new, diverse products and developing multiple areas of expertise. Today we can say that we specialize in OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.

Our focus is to build and provide every single component needed to solve imaging applications: starting from the optical know-how and going through competence in lighting we can supply the best combination of tools available on the machine vision market: optics, lighting, industrial cameras, software and vision units.
For all these reasons Opto Engineering® has become the partner of choice in high-end optical applications
for many of the major machine vision companies worldwide. Opto Engineering®,OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.


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