Umicore introduces two new manual focus lenses

Umicore lenses

Umicore lenses


April 10, 2018

Umicore, supplier of infrared (IR) optical components for innovative thermal imaging and sensing applications and leading manufacturer of molded GASIR® lenses, is introducing two new manual focus lenses to its range.

Umicore have combined their experience in the design of compact and lightweight thermal imaging optics with the manual focus requirement for handheld applications. The result is a growing family of smart manual focus lenses, available off-the-shelf.

The new family members are the 75mm MFX f/1.1 with a barrel focus ring, and the 100mm TFX f/1.0 with a focus knob for convenient focusing action. They join the already existing 50mm MFX lens.

Manual focus lenses are especially suitable for systems where the user wants to achieve the sharpest image possible whether the object is close by or far away. Typical applications are wildlife spotting scopes or handheld surveillance systems.

Our lenses have an attractive black anodized finish, and smooth and positive focusing action. They interface to the camera body with an M34 x 0.5 (6g) fitting. Both HEAR and iDLC® versions are available, though for handheld use the iDLC® hard coating is recommended.

Manual Focus Lenses: