A New Mini Piezo Hexapod, Designed for Dynamic Active Error Compensation

PI’s Miniature 6-Axis Piezo Hexapod for Dynamic Active Error Compensation

PI’s Miniature Piezo Hexapod, P-915KWEF

PI’s Miniature Piezo Hexapod, P-915KWEF


December 2015, Auburn, MA – PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leader and solution provider in motion control and positioning components and systems, introduces a miniature hexapod, designed for dynamic error correction in all three linear and rotation axes. The P-915KWEF joins PI‘s hexapod portfolio of over 100 products from palm-sized units to high-load systems capable of positioning several tons with sub-micron precision.

Compact & Stiff
With a load capacity of 1500g, this miniature hexapod was designed for dynamic error correction for six degrees of freedom. The parallel-kinematic design with piezo actuator direct drives results in a very compact and stiff positioning solution, compared to conventional multi-axis designs. It is easily mounted inside rotary stages to virtually eliminate wobble and eccentricity errors and can be adapted to other long travel positioning systems for improved multi-axis motion accuracy.

More Information, Specifications and Datasheet:


Capacitance direct metrology sensors provide absolute, sub-nanometer precision position feedback with high bandwidth. The stiff, frictionless flexure design enables exceptional responsiveness and accuracy.

Applications of the P-915KWEF

Dynamic optimization of axial runout, eccentricity and evenness of rotation stages, vibration insulation, fine adjustment, used in mechanical manufacturing, machining processes.

Features & Advantages

  • Very Stiff Design, 1kHz Natural Frequency, High Dynamics
  • 6 Axis System: XYZ, Pitch, Yaw, Roll
  • 1 Nanometer Linear Resolution, 0.07µrad Angular Resolution
  • Positioning Range up to 70µm
  • Absolute Measuring, Direct Metrology Capacitance Sensors for Closed-Loop Operation
  • Space-Saving, Parallel-Kinematics Design for Easy Integration
  • Wear-Free Piezo Drives, Operate in Strong Magnetic Fields / High Vacuum