Hermes® 900 – Recently completed successful Maiden Flight, serial production to commence shortly

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Hermes® 900 – Recently completed successful Maiden Flight, serial production to commence shortly

Hermes® 90 - Elbit Systems' new next generation low-medium altitude UAS, highly suited for maneuvering forces, features performance-proven capabilities of the Skylark® and Hermes® UAS families

Hermes® 450 - the primary platform of Israel Defense Forces in counter-terror operations features new capabilities: Improved communication channels and more powerful engine performance

Hermes® 450WK - baseline for the U.K. Watchkeeper Tactical UAS program

Skylark® I LE - Selected by the Israeli Defense Ministry as IDF Battalion Level Mini UAS for all Ground Forces including training & logistics support

Skylark® II – especially designed for the modern battlefield, operated by a 2 person crew due to compact size and low weight, highly suitable for reconnaissance missions

Elbit Systems’ UASs have earned international recognition and are playing increasingly vital roles in the global war on terrorism. Military and homeland security forces worldwide are benefiting from their sophisticated capabilities and onboard systems, which are taking on many of the complex challenges previously performed solely by manned aircraft.
Elbit Systems' extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of UAS result in the outstanding operational solutions for Israel Defense Forces and the UK MOD operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In cooperation with Thales, Elbit Systems Hermes® UAS are the baseline for the U.K. Watchkeeper Tactical UAS program.
With its established market position, Elbit Systems’ UAS line is constantly expanding to meet new and challenging applications. We are a leading source of turnkey solutions, advanced air vehicles, ground control stations, major system hardware and software, UAS trainers, maintenance and support from field to operational levels.
The Hermes® family of UAS for medium altitude long endurance (MALE) and high end tactical UAS missions, along with the Skylark® family of UAS for close range tactical missions, provide a comprehensive range of integral solutions for diverse operational needs.

Hermes® 90 - Elbit Systems' new UAS, will be launched at the Paris Air Show 2009. Hermes® 90 features high survivability, long endurance up to 18 hours, mission range of up to 100 kilometers, varied payloads integration capability and dual launch and recovery methods including integral launcher for point launch and recovery on non-prepared surfaces without using any dedicated ground equipment, as well as strip operation. The system enables full integration with any C4I system, for fast imagery dissemination as well as easy coordination between the operational forces in the field. Thanks to these capabilities, the Hermes® 90 is ideal for various missions and particularly maneuvering forces. The Hermes® 90 system supports open area as well as urban warfare scenarios for war time, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, Homeland and other non-military missions.
The systems' autonomous capabilities together with the simple operating abilities throughout all of the missions' stages are destined to allow optimal usage without the need of complicated training or high skills of the crew.
The basic Hermes® 90 configuration includes a Micro- CoMPASS electro-optic payload, featuring exceptional surveillance performance which includes a color CCD day camera, 3rd generation cooled thermal imaging and a Laser marker. The Micro- CoMPASS electro-optic payload can also include a Laser Range Finder or a Laser Designator. In addition to the electro-optic payload, the new Hermes® 90 is integrable with other payloads for various operational missions.

The Hermes® 450 - A major player in Israel's ongoing security activities and the IDF's primary UAS, the Hermes ® 450 is a versatile, long-endurance UAS.
It is equipped with Elbit Systems' CoMPASS EO/IR/LD gimbaled electro-optical payload, can adapt to a wide range of payloads and including SAR/GMTI radar and dual payload configurations. Hermes® 450 executes its diverse missions in a highly autonomous manner and is controlled by the Hermes® Universal Ground Control System (UGCS), facilitating highly automated mission operation and control of the air vehicle and EO/IR/Laser payload. It is equipped with sophisticated communication systems transmitting imagery in real time to ground stations.
Its IATOL (Internal Auto Takeoff and Landing) system enables auto-landing even in alternate non-instrumented runways.
Hermes® 450 is recognized as the leading long endurance tactical UAS in its class, having flown operationally in the U.S. as well as in history-making flights in UK civil airspace. The Hermes® 450 is the first UAS certified to fly in Israeli civil airspace.
To date, the Hermes® 450 has accumulated over 170,000 operational flight hours and is one of less than handful of UASs in the world to cross the 100,000 operational flight hour's barrier. The Hermes 450 is available with enhanced flight performance, while equipped with the larger more powerful mature engines (W/J).

The Hermes® 450 UAS now provides new additional features that enhance its mission effectiveness and range of operational capabilities:
The air vehicle is equipped with a modified engine that enables increased flight altitudes up to 20,000 feet, capabilities to take off from higher altitudes, quieter operation and the capability to carry more payload weight. The Hermes® 450 UAS is equipped now with automatic take off and landing enhanced with an automatic taxiing and braking system. In addition the communication data link range is extended to 250 km allowing for better operational flexibility to provide much larger coverage area for ISTAR missions. In terms of mission capabilities, the system features COMINT mission capabilities in addition to the EO/IR and laser marker capabilities for effective ISTAR capabilities.

Hermes® 900 - Looking to address the growing demand for Tactical MALE UAS platforms, Elbit Systems has offers the Hermes® 900 to its growing UAS family. With its 15 m wingspan and 1100 kg max takeoff weight, the Hermes® 900 is a natural extension of the Hermes® 450 tactical UAS. While offering all Hermes 450 capabilities, it features additional key capabilities, such as longer endurance, flight altitude of more than 30,000 ft, large payload capacity (up to 300kg), modular design allowing fast payload replacement and flight capabilities in adverse weather conditions.
The Hermes® 900 offers an advanced satellite communication channel and is operated from Elbit Systems' universal command & control ground station (UGCS), enabling advanced mission management, automatic taxiing, autonomous flight and automatic takeoff and landing systems common to all the UASs and in the Hermes® family.
The Hermes® 900 also includes innovative avionics and electronic systems and a silent engine, as well as systems required for flight in a combined civil and unmanned aviation area. The new UAS offers additional cutting edge technologies and applications such as electro-optic systems, laser designators and electronic intelligence sensors (ELINT, COMINT).
Following a successful Maiden Flight and the completion of additional flight tests, the Hermes® 900 will commence serial production.

Skylark® I - A mini/man-pack UAS ideal for lower echelons self support reconnaissance close range beyond-the next-hill missions, the Skylark® I is specially designed for counter-terror applications. Performance-proven in cloudy, rainy and windy weather conditions, Skylark® I has demonstrated excellent optical survey, target identification and surveillance capabilities.
It features a gyroscopic stabilized gimbaled payload and a high degree of autonomous flight from take-off to precise recovery, yielding real-time intelligence at an affordable price. This configuration, equipped with algorithms derived from Elbit Systems’ Hermes® family of larger UASs, can track fixed and moving targets, an impressive capability for a hand launched UAS. Skylark® I can be used for both defense and homeland security applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terrorism surveillance and a variety of law enforcement missions.

Skylark® I is equipped with the latest secured digital data link. Skylark® I has already been purchased by numerous customers worldwide, and is operational with several other armed forces.
Skylark® I set a world record in high altitude flights, climbing to an altitude exceeding 16,000 feet and has demonstrated outstanding performance in weather conditions ranging from arctic to equatorial weather.
Skylark® I is equipped with Elbit Systems' new-generation night payload. Weighing only 700 grams, the thermal payload is the lightest in its class.
The payload’s capabilities include very wide area coverage, continuous tracking of moving targets and a higher resolution rate than any of its predecessors.

Skylark I-LE - In early 2008, Elbit Systems presented the latest Skylark I air vehicle improvement and marked it “Skylark I-LE”. The new model is based on the vast experience accumulated by Skylark® I in thousands of hours in operational flight in various war zones, including Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to major improvements implemented, owing to the rich operational experience, the UAS has been upgraded to offer longer endurance of up to three hours and l enhanced robustness, two crucial features that ensure the overall improved operational performance.
In December 2008 the Israeli Defense Ministry selected Elbit Systems to equip the IDF battalion-level with the Skylark I-LE for all Ground Forces, including training and logistics support.

Skylark® II - A Covert Tactical UAS for day, night and adverse weather observation, data collection and target marking at mission ranges exceeding 60 kilometers, the Skylark® II system is designed to operate in the battlefield.
It uses a highly deployable single vehicle equipped with an integral launcher for point launch and recovery and an advanced dual station Ground Control Station. The Skylark® II system full cycle operation is possible with a 2-person crew. The advanced UAS is highly autonomous and offers a high degree of mission centric capabilities including all of the Hermes family heritage flight and mission modes. The Skylark® II air-vehicle outline and weight allow for handling by the 2-person crew during all phases of the mission including the assembly, launching and recovery.
The air vehicle cutting edge technology propulsion system is silent, lightweight and highly efficient. The propulsion system enables medium altitude as well as low altitude covert flights for high quality imagery and operational reconnaissance under cloud cover with no risk of exposure. The streamlined gimbaled and stabilized triple sensor payload includes a color CCD day camera, a 3rd generation thermal imaging night camera and a laser illuminator. Skylark® II received the Aerospace product innovation of the year award from both Popular Science Magazine and Frost & Sullivan. At the end of 2007 The Korean military decided to join Elbit system's clients of tactical UAS Skylark® II, after it passed the extensive technical tests which included manufactures from all over the world.

Universal Ground Control Stations (UGCS) - Capable of controlling any type of UAS, our Universal Ground Control Stations incorporate functionality derived from decades of UAS operations in Israel and support all mission phases from mission planning and preflight checks, through mission execution, mission debrief and mission training.
Elbit Systems’ UGCS is especially designed for maximal flexibility in incorporating various payload types, data links and even other types of UASs. The UGCS is capable of concurrently controlling two parallel UAS missions.
Each mission is fully controlled by a single operator.
UAS IISTAR Management Center (UIMC) – Real time system for a full situation awareness, management and control of Intelligence, Surveillance, Targets Acquisition, Reconnaissance assets and the real time support to mobile fighting units.

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