Senersun reports higher-than-expected performance in the field for its solar panels


Values were collected with Solar-Log™ WEB. According to Météo Belgique (, the annual insolation in Belgium was below average in 2012 (1528.7 hours against 1544.6 hours in average).

February 25, 2013

Senersun, a manufacturer of premium quality solar panels, reports that observations throughout 2012 show that Senersun panels performed better than expected in real-life conditions. The observation was made at a 11,75kW installation located in Belgium using 50 of Senersun’s SSP60C solar panels. Overall, Senersun panels produced 13.43% more than expected. Observations at other sites confirm this conclusion, with higher-than-expected power output.

Alexandre Minuzzo, CEO of Senersun, comments: “We are pleased to see the good performance of Senersun panels in real-life conditions, even if this is no surprise to us. Senersun has always been delivering premium panels, completely tested individually by a third party before delivery to our clients, this is why we have never doubted about the performance of our products in the field. These observations are great news because they prove that customers choosing to buy panels made from the highest quality get rewarded in the end, and that Senersun is a reference in this respect.”

About Senersun
Senersun is a manufacturer of premium quality solar panels. Our PV modules all feature the most advanced quality control system in the industry, consisting of both in-house and 100% independent testing, designed to meet the demanding needs of end-users and professional clients looking for the most reliable solar panels.

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