Sharp Begins Solar Maintenance Business in Asia

Agreement Signed with NED to Provide Maintenance Service for Large Solar Power Generation Plant

Press Release


September 9, 2011

Sharp Corporation has recently signed an agreement to provide maintenance service for a mega-solar power generation plant (73 MW) in the Kingdom of Thailand. This plant, which will be one of the world’s largest, will be operated by NED, a major independent power producer in that country. Sharp was awarded the construction contract for this power plant and has also received an order to provide thin-film solar cell modules and related peripheral systems. Construction began in August 2010, and is currently in progress.

Sharp Solar Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. (SSMA) was established in March of this year, and will begin maintenance service for this large-scale solar power plant in coordination with the start of operations, which is scheduled for the end of 2011.

The thin-film solar cells used in this plant offer outstanding power generating performance—thanks to good temperature coefficient—particularly in low-latitude regions and in climates with high ambient temperatures, and it is anticipated that they will be installed at other large-scale solar power plants throughout Asia.

In the future, SSMA will meet the needs for maintenance at mega-solar projects in Thailand and Asia, which are expected to grow in number in the coming years.

In the maintenance of solar power facilities, specially trained and educated personnel perform inspections and service all parts of the system, including solar modules and power conditioners, as well as maintain the environment in the plant as a whole. This work supports the long-term operation of power generation projects by ensuring that large-scale solar power plants run reliably and provide stable power generation.

As a total solutions company in the solar energy field—extending from the manufacture and marketing of solar photovoltaic modules, to system design and construction of large-scale solar power plants, and now, to service and maintenance—Sharp is helping to improve the long-term reliability of solar-generated electricity and ensure a stable supply of electric power.

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