The new Sinar lanTec

For Architectural and Landscape Photography, on a tripod or hand-held!

Sinar lanTec

The new Sinar lanTec

November 23, 2012

(PresseBox) Zurich, 23.11.2012.
A superb Sinar camera for the working Pro.
Produced in Switzerland by Swiss Engineers, the Sinar lanTec camera features controls for image management that are integrated into the camera. The camera movements can be used with the entire range of dedicated Sinaron Digital CEF lenses. The shift range is set effortlessly up to 20mm left and right - and this effectively increases the virtual area of your CCD making new image aspect ratios in the process for larger, more detailed files. In addition, you can raise the lens by up to 25mm, or lower it by up to 15mm, which helps prevent convergent or divergent verticals when shooting architecture. In the event you wish to make stitched, rotational panoramic pictures, it's good to know the tripod mount is physically located on the optical axis, however, for hand-held use, the tripod base can be removed quickly, thanks to its rapid and secure locking mechanism. There are optional, silky-smooth ergonomic grips, which provide security in handling, making the Sinar lanTec an essential tool for mobile indoor and outdoor shooting by all Photographers. As for composing the image, your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch can be connected to the lanTec via a special Sinar rotating adapter. This serves as a viewfinder which can quickly be set for either portrait or landscape orientation and which provides a brilliant image for composing and also for leveling the camera. You will need the Viewfinder Pro App available from the Apple App Store. The Sinar lanTec is available with optional interchangeable adapters to suit M645, Hasselblad-H and Hasselblad-V digital back mounts.

Choice of Lenses
Sinaron HR lenses are optimized for digital photography and provide a focal length range from 23 to 180 mm (coming soon). They feature image circle diameters of up to 125 mm. These high-end products are essential to achieve best results with the latest high-resolution digital backs of up to 80 megapixels. Actually, the lanTec and Sinaron HR lens combination make a formidable imaging device that is capable of world's best image quality. Each lens is individually tested and optimised for infinity focus and optical and mechanical precision. The attention to detail guarantees the best possible results in high-end digital photography.

About Sinar Photography AG
Carrying forward in the 60-year Sinar tradition, Sinar Photography AG was founded in 2009 as an independent company. Their headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland, and their products include both analogue and digital camera systems used in high-end imaging. Their extensive product portfolio includes digital capture devices, digital lenses, software, cameras and accessories. Specialising in turnkey solutions designed as complete imaging systems; they are supplied and supported from a single source. This system approach makes 'the Sinar difference' and it's this difference that delivers world-class imaging products with superb image-quality and excellent long-term reliability. Sinar cameras make the photographs you take!

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