Canon bolsters Cinema EOS System lineup with new EOS-1D C digital SLR camera supporting high-resolution 4K video capture


April 13, 2012

TOKYO, April 13, 2012—Canon Inc. and Canon Marketing Japan Inc. announced today the introduction in Japan of the new EOS-1D C, a digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera targeting the motion picture, television and other digital high-resolution production industries. Realizing outstanding video performance, the compact, lightweight EOS-1D C delivers 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) video recording to support cutting-edge visual expression possibilities such as shots employing blur effects.

The new Canon EOS-1D C is capable of recording video at 4K (at a frame rate of 24p, with 8-bit Motion JPEG compression), cropped to an APS-H-equivalent size angle of view, making possible next-generation visual expression with even higher image quality and resolution performance.

In response to the high-level needs of filmmakers and other professionals, the Canon EOS-1D C digital SLR camera offers an efficient post-production workflow that is highly compatible with those used in the motion-picture, television, music-video and other top-end production industries. The camera is capable of recording video, including 4K, to an inserted CF card without using such peripheral equipment as external recorders, enabling workflows with increased mobility. In addition, captured video can be output from an HDMI terminal to an external recorder (excluding 4K video) using an uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 signal.


The EOS-1D C also supports Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video recording at a frame rate of 60p to satisfy the demands of professionals in the industry. Facilitating a smooth introduction into motion-picture production locations, the camera incorporates a Super 35 mm crop function allowing video to be recorded in the industry-standard 35 mm angle of view. Canon Log Gamma enables the recording of high-quality video with rich gradation expression, making possible the type of impressive image quality required in motion pictures by minimizing both shadow-detail loss and highlight-detail loss while providing a high level of color-grading freedom.

The camera ships with such software applications as EOS Utility, which enables various camera settings to be conducted from a PC, and Picture Style Editor. These two applications enable the performance of such real-time procedures as the editing and registration of picture styles while confirming image results on a monitor. By having a PC with this software installed on-set, users can promptly carry out shooting adjustments during set-up while also realizing efficient shooting and post-production procedures.

Exclusive playback software that ships with the camera allows 4K/Motion JPEG and Full HD/60p video shot on an EOS-1D C to be output on an external monitor* with no loss of image quality. It also enables video shot with Canon Log Gamma to be output on a monitor with video gamma applied. EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro, plug-in software compatible with Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Pro 7, allows video files, excluding 4K video, to be quickly sent to editing projects using the Log and Transfer function.


Equipped with a 35 mm full-frame approximately 18.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, the EOS-1D C makes possible sublime imaging expression, such as beautiful image blur. Furthermore, when shooting video, the new camera features an expanded sensitivity range up to ISO25600 for exceptional visual imaging results with reduced noise even in low-light settings. By combining the new camera with one of Canon’s more than 60 interchangeable EF lenses or EF Cinema Lenses, which draw out the highest levels of performance from the company’s EOS-series camera lineup, professionals will be able to realize exceptional image quality with great expressive power.

Contributing to expanded shooting possibilities, the new EOS-1D C offers a lightweight, compact body design for high mobility, making possible video capture in such confined settings as the inside of a car and enabling the camera to be easily transported and stored. The EOS-1D C allows such peripheral equipment as rails and cranes to be more compact, making possible smoother handling and reduced on-set costs. The camera’s high-sensitivity shooting capabilities also help to minimize lighting costs and save space that would normally be occupied by lighting equipment.

Realizing the same exceptional still-image performance as the Canon EOS-1D X digital SLR camera, the EOS-1D C features a sensitivity range of ISO100-51200 for outstanding still-image results with reduced noise even when shooting in dimly lit settings. Incorporating Dual DIGIC 5+, which comprises two high-performance DIGIC 5+ image processors, the camera delivers high-precision AE and AF performance while also enabling high-speed continuous shooting of up to approximately 12 frames per second (fps). In the ultra-fast continuous shooting mode, it realizes a continuous shooting speed of up to approximately 14 fps (mirror remains raised during shooting, JPEG images only).


The Canon EOS-1D C digital SLR camera will be available in Japan from October 2012 at an open price. Canon has set initial production at 500 units per month.

* Requires the use of a PC equipped with an SDI port

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