Cine-Xenar III

SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH presents the third generation of its film lenses

Cine Xenar 18mm MPTV Lens

Cine Xenar 18mm MPTV Lens
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May 09, 2012

Bad Kreuznach, 09.05.2012, Schneider-Kreuznach has expanded its successful series of Cine-Xenar prime lenses with an 18mm variant (T2.2/18mm). In addition, the T2.2/25mm, T2.1/35mm, T2.0/50mm, T2.0/75mm and T2.0/95mm lenses have been reworked and now feature an inner focusing system especially for the needs of cinema and TV producers. The lenses all have exactly the same dimensions: The length and front diameter are identical and all focus and iris gears are in the same position, making it easy to change the lenses without having to readjust the follow focus systems and matte boxes or other accessories.

Cine-Xenar lenses stand out with their high optical quality, low distortion and the possibility of ultra-close focusing. In addition, they are designed to reduce breathing to a minimum. According to Daniela Kesselem, MPTV product manager at Schneider-Kreuznach, “With its Cine-Xenar prime lenses, Schneider-Kreuznach now offers a creative tool for a wide range of applications using digital and 35mm film cameras or compact DSLR HD cameras with APS-C format.”

Not only do the Cine-Xenar lenses produce excellent image quality, they also feature a telecentric design that guarantees uniform illumination together with the electrical image sensors. By utilizing up to 18 iris blades, the lenses produce an excellent “bokeh” effect. The lenses’ high aperture and robust construction support the implementation of creative ideas. With the high-tech production technologies developed by the Schneider-Kreuznach Group, it is now possible to create pictures of hitherto unknown quality.

The lenses were primarily developed for RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony and Panasonic professional cameras with a PL mount. Thanks to their exchangeable camera mount, these versatile Cine-Xenar cinema lenses can also be used with semiprofessional digital SLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 7D. For Schneider-Kreuznach, it was a logical step to offer high-quality cinema lenses for DSLR cameras as these modern cameras feature APS-C sensors with video function in full HD resolution.

The Schneider Group specializes in developing and producing high-performance photographic lenses, cinema projection lenses, as well as industrial optics and precision mechanics. The group comprises Jos. Schneider Optische Werke, founded in Bad Kreuznach in 1913, and its subsidiaries Pentacon (Dresden), Schneider Kreuznach Isco Division (Göttingen), Schneider-Optics (New York, Los Angeles), Schneider Bando (Seoul), Schneider Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and Schneider Optical Technologies (Shenzhen). The company’s main brand is “Schneider-Kreuznach”.

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