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December 13, 2011

The new KENKO LENS2SCOPE adapter is an accessory that can change any lens into a spotting scope. The LENS2SCOPE adapter's light-weight composite body houses a high quality roof prism, optics and an eyepiece just like a traditional spotting scope. When the lens is attached it becomes a spotting scope to use for viewing. The lens mount and housing for the optics are made from metal while some external barrels are polycarbonate.

The optics in the LENS2SCOPE magnify the image by a factor of 10x so that a 100mm lens would have the same magnification as a 1,000mm lens when viewing. Focus is easily achieved by using the lens' manual focus ring.

There are two versions of the LENS2SCOPE, a straight eyepiece (pictured) and a version where the eyepiece is angled up. They are both available in Canon EOS, Nikon, Pentax and Sony.

The LENS2SCOPE has a removable tripod adapter for mounting onto a tripod for more comfortable viewing for extended periods of time.

This small accessory comes with its own carrying case and takes up about as much room in a camera bag as a normal lens.

• Optical Construction: 5 E / 3 G
• Prism Type: Roof
• Eyepiece Focal Length: 10mm
• Magnification: Lens focal length x1/10 (ie a 100mm focal length lens would have a 10x magnification)
• Eye Relief: 20mm
• Eyepiece Aperture: F/4 (maximum, dependent on lens)
• Dimensions: 3.54 in. H x 5.32 in. W (90mmH x 135mmW)
• Weight: 6.53 oz. (185g)
• Tripod Mount: U1/4-20

Availability: Current
List Price: $279.90

Stock Number and Mount Availability:
K-LS10-CEAB Canon Angled
K-LS10-CESB Canon Straight
K-LS10-NFAB Nikon Angled
K-LS10-NFSB Nikon Straight
K-LS10-PKAB Pentax Angled
K-LS10-PKSB Pentax Straight
K-LS10-SAAB Sony Angled
K-LS10-SASB Sony Straight

More information about the LENS2SCOPE:

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