NEW HOYA PRO1 Digital ND32 and ND64 Neutral Density Filters

Press Release

HOYA PRO1 Digital

October 18, 2011

THK Photo Product, Inc announces the new HOYA PRO1 Digital ND 32 and ND64 Neutral Density filter2.

The ND32 is a dark neutral density filter with a filter factor of 32, meaning there is 5-stop light loss. This is a great filter for slowing down shutter speeds to capture motion. An example: In daylight, maybe the slowest shutter speed possible without a filter could be 1/60 sec at F/22 By adding the HOYA PRO1 ND 32, a shutter speed of 1/2 sec would be possible.

Another use of the ND32 and ND64 would be controlling depth of field. With these strong ND filters, a much wider aperture can be used. Wide apertures like F/1.4 and F1.8 create a very shallow depth of field and have the effect of isolating the subject from the background. Creative possibilities are endless with this type of filter.

The HOYA PRO1 Digital ND16 has all the features of the PRO1 Digital series such as DMC multi-coating to reduce reflections and a low profile filter frames for use un ultra-wide angle lenses.

THK Photo Products, Inc. is the U. S. distributor for Tokina lenses, Hoya filters, Kenko photo accessories and SLIK camera support systems. THK provides marketing, sales, distribution, and technical/consumer service and support. THK is located in Long Beach, CA and on the Web at

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