Athermalization Model - of a Simple Imaging Module:
Thermal effects can reduce the quality of an optical image, and should therefore be considered in the design process. Thermal changes may affect


Lens - Sensor Athermalization
Precision Linear Stages

High Precision Linear Stage Family from PI miCos Offers Large Variety

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ZVR Integrated Vertical and Rotation Stage

Newport’s New, Integrated Vertical and Rotation Stage for Wafer Positioning

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M687 Microscope Stage System

Motorized Microscope Stage is Driven by High Accuracy Ceramic Linear Motors

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Newport SR-Series Magnetic Optical Support Rods

Newport’s New SR-Series of Highly Stable, Magnetic-Base Optical Support Rods

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New Focus™ 8821

New Focus Introduces Clear Edge Picomotor™ Mount

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TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System

TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System Ideal for Prototyping Optical Systems

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Microscope Positioning Systems

Microscope Precision Positioning Systems Catalog

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PX 100 CAP

Nano Positioner PX 100 CAP with 20% travel range extension and smaller dimensions!

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Different multi-axial Mounts

Multi-axial Mounts for Your Laser Optics: Inexpensive Optomechanics

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Rotary Position Sensor

Bourns Introduces Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

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New High-Power-Controller unit for fastest piezo response

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S-303.BL for mirrors

Precision without Position Sensor:
Piezo crystalline phase shifter with Picoactuator® technology

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TECHSPEC® Goniometers

TECHSPEC® Goniometers Ideal for Beam Steering Applications:
High-resolution measurements and excellent movement repeatability

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