TRITOR 102 CAP designed for probe alignment

Its 40 mm central hole represents a unique feature ideal for microscopy applications, such as the exposure of samples. Each axis is mechanically pre-loaded which, in combination with the parallelogram design, provides highly accurate and precise motion.

Precision Piezo Positionin​g Stages for High Resolution Microscopy by PI

Piezo-driven fast nanofocus devices not only provide nanometer precise focus control but they are also used in in 3-D imaging and Z-stack image acquisition due to their rapid, millisecond-range settling speed. Several devices are available to match different objective sizes and weights. Read >>

Newport Introduces Precision-Grade Optical Breadboards

The C-884, 4-axis digital servo controller was designed to control motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners with very high accuracy and repeatability. Read >>

Newport Introduces 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematic Positioning System – HXP50 Hexapod

The C-884, 4-axis digital servo controller was designed to control motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners with very high accuracy and repeatability. Read >>

Motion Controller for Precision Linear Positioners and Rotation Stages

The C-884, 4-axis digital servo controller was designed to control motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners with very high accuracy and repeatability. Read >>

Rotational Mounts for Laser Material Processing

Protected Beam Guidance in High-power Lasers Read >>

Newport Expands SA2 Aluminum Breadboard Product Line

The new SA2 Series of solid aluminum breadboards includes more diverse sizes to provide a stable yet lightweight platform for optical components and sub-assemblies. Read >>

MIPOS 16-158: Z-axis positioner for high performance white light interferometry

piezosystem jena presents the new MIPOS 16 - specifically designed for high precision positioning of optical systems with an accuracy in the sub-nanometer range. The high resolution and fast response time of the MIPOS 16 offer new possibilities for interferometry. Read >>

Newport Introduces AJS-254 Series of High Precision Adjustment Screws

Providing a 60% improvement in sensitivity over standard 100-TPI adjustment screws, the 254-TPI design provides benefits of faster alignment and improved stability for Newport ULTIMA® and SUPREMA™ optical mirror mounts and ULTRAlign® precision positioning stages. Read >>

New Focus Introduces Open-Loop Picomotor™ Controller/Driver Module with 4 Channels

The compact, single-box design with an integrated controller and driver provides a low-cost solution for driving New Focus open-loop Picomotor products. The new module can be computer controlled with plug-and-play ease via the USB 2.0 and the 10/100 Ethernet interfaces using Newport's Motion Control Language (NMCL) command set. Read >>

Newport Introduces HXP1000 Hexapod, a High Load, 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematic Positioning System

The simple to use HXP1000 Hexapod is ideal for motion positioning tasks that require up to six degrees of motion and flexible coordinate systems or pivot points. Read >>

Newport Introduces RGV100HL, a High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage for High Torque Applications

Developed to accelerate loads having higher rotational inertia, the new stage is compatible with Newport’s XPS-DRV02 driver. The RGV100HL provides the same high resolution and outstanding positioning performance as Newport’s legacy RGV100BL precision rotation stage while delivering 3X the torque and 5X the acceleration. Read >>

Hermetically insulated stack type actuators series P/S – long life under extreme conditions

The piezo actuators of the P/S series are enclosed by hermetically sealed housing meeting the requirement of the IP 68 protection classification. Read >>


For industrial automation applications, Baumer offers a family of Ethernet-ready encoders designed to interface seamlessly with EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink and Ethernet/IP controllers. The Baumer line also includes "power over EtherCAT" encoder products that require only a single cable for data exchange and power supply. Read >>

Newport Introduces XPS-Qx Series of High-Performance Universal Motion Controller/Drivers

The integrated motion controller/driver offers high speed communication through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, provides superior trajectory accuracy, and powerful programming capabilities. Read >>

Three Piezo Motor Technologies Explained in new Catalog – by PI Physik Instrumente

All three types of piezo motors are self-clamping at rest (no energy consumption, very high stability) and the technology is intrinsically non-magnetic and vacuum compatible. Read >>

Motorized High Load Linear Stages with Dust Cover

Zaber's new A-LST-C linear stages include flexible stainless steel dust covers and built-in controllers. Read >>

Newport Introduces Higher Accuracy, FMS Linear Stages for Metrology

Developed specifically to address the needs of surface metrology applications, the FMSxxHA stages are available in 100, 200 and 300 mm models. Read >>

Motorized Microscope Stage is Driven by High Accuracy Ceramic Linear Motors

PI’s new M-687 motorized microscope XY stage for inverted microscopes is more compact and stable than traditional computer controllable microscope stages, due to its fully integrated, miniaturized ceramic linear drives. Read >>

Mars Rover Science Laboratory with Piezo Actuators and Motorized Positioner​s from PI and PI miCos

Failure was not an option, but cost definitely was an issue and budgets are tighter now than in the early days of space exploration. Manufacturers with the best commercial off the shelf products (COTS), proven quality systems and the ability to make the necessary modifications for the tough space requirements are high on the list when it comes to providing the ingredients for a 21st century space mission. Read >>

High Precision Linear Stage Family from PI miCos Offers Large Variety

More than 20 product families are available starting with miniature translation stages and positioning ranges of 40 mm to high load, linear translation stages for travel ranges to 1 meter. Read >>

The "demon for work" - the new linear stage A-LST-E series

Integrated controller and encoder makes accurate positioning of high load easy than never before. Read >>

New Piezo Bimorph Actuators are Smaller, Require Lower Voltage, by PI Ceramic

Bimorph piezo actuators achieve a mechanical amplification effect by different layers expanding at different rates. The new actuators are co-fired, i.e. they are monolithic and all layers are produced in one step. Read >>

MPS-GR Miniature, Gear-Drive Rotary Stages for Tight Spaces

Available in two sizes - the MPS50GR and MPS75GR - they are engineered for the confines and requirements of a laboratory or research and development setting. Read >>

piezosystem jena introduces new L-series based on Voice Coil technology

The new L100 and L200 Voice Coil linear stages are the first piezosystem jena products based on Voice Coil high precision technology. Read >>

Newport Introduces 170-TPI High-Precision Adjustment Screws

Providing a 43% improvement in sensitivity over standard 100-TPI adjustment screws. The benefit of the 170-TPI adjuster is strengthened by the results of timed alignment testing where a mirror mount with these adjusters was consistently aligned within a band of +/- 3 μrad in about half the time as the same mount with 100-TPI threads. Read >>

PI Releases new Piezo Ceramic Actuator Brochure

Piezo actuators have many applications in the optics, lasers and photonics industry. Read >>

Hexapod / SpaceFAB Parallel Precision Robotic Positioning Systems from PI

Hexapod parallel positioners differ from classical articulated / stacked multi-axis positioners where each actuator is connected to the other actuators / motion axes in a serial configuration. Read >>

Newport Introduces I-800P Series Pneumatic Isolators for Loads up to 3200 lbs.

Newport’s wide selection of I-800P Series isolators offers highly accurate releveling and repositioning. Read >>

Newport Announces the Industry’s First Family of Air Bearing Stages for 450mm Wafer Initiative - DynamYX® Datum TM 450 and 450GT

The DynamYX Datum 450 and 450 GT deliver high resolution, dynamic positioning of a wafer chuck or similar substrate in two orthogonal translation axes from a single-plane carriage. Read >>

Newport’s New SR-Series of Highly Stable, Magnetic-Base Optical Support Rods

The SR-Z rods feature graduated height marks and an integrated, high-strength magnet in the pedestal base. The all-stainless steel clamping fork makes it easy and convenient to clamp the rods to any optical table. Read >>

New Focus Introduces Clear Edge Picomotor™ Mount

Clear Edge Picomotor™ Mount 8821 offers precision and stability with the greater beam access of a clear edge mirror mount. Read >>

TECHSPEC® Optical Cage System Ideal for Prototyping Optical Systems

TECHSPEC Optical Cage Systems consist of precision rods, plates and mounts, allowing the user to construct customized, adaptable opto-mechanical systems with limitless options for modification using off-the-shelf components. Read >>

Microscope Precision Positioning Systems Catalog

The new catalog covers a variety of novel positioning stages and scanning systems for specimen as well as microscope objectives and the technology behind the products. Read >>

Nano Positioner PX 100 CAP with 20% travel range extension and smaller dimensions!

The PX 100 CAP is a part of piezosystem jena well known PX 100 series. Without compromising the excellent accuracy, the travel range has been extended up to 120µm of motion in open loop mode and 100µm of motion in closed loop mode. Read >>

Bourns Introduces Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

The new sensor is the latest addition to the company's sensor product line, and is designed to meet OEM requirements for a cost-effective, long life position sensor that improves reliability. Read >>

New High-Power-Controller unit for fastest piezo response

The new system comes with an integrated high power main supply module and is distributed under the part no. E-103-921. The line output power is 3.2A, allowing the ENV high voltage piezo controllers to drive piezoelectric actuators at ultra high frequencies. Read >>

Precision without Position Sensor

Piezo crystalline phase shifter with Picoactuator® technology Read >>

TECHSPEC® Goniometers Ideal for Beam Steering Applications

High-resolution measurements and excellent movement repeatability Read >>

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