Nufern's Two New Fiber Product Lines utilize the latest in glass compositions and the tightest mechanical dimension specifications in the industry



February 4, 2013

Nufern Expands Range of NuMATCH Double-Clad Fibers

EAST GRANBY, CT–February 4, 2013– Nufern, a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialty optical fibers, fiber lasers and amplifiers, and fiber optic gyro coils, announced today it is further expanding its successful line of NuMATCHTM fibers, with 2 new precision matched Yb-doped double-clad fiber sets, 4 new Er:Yb doped precision matched passive fibers and 1 standard complementary passive fiber, in response to growing customer demand for high power fibers optimized for volume OEM manufacturing.

The latest additions to the NuMATCHTM precision fiber family include the Yb-doped LMA 15/130 and Yb-doped 30/250 LMA fibers and their precision matched passive fibers. These precision matched families utilize the latest in glass compositions and the tightest mechanical dimension specifications in the industry. The improved tolerance of the precision matched fibers (denoted by the –M suffix) facilitates low-loss splice compatibility between active and passive fibers. Using precision matched fibers provides the most robust, lowest loss light path through the optical component chain during laser and amplifier integration. Furthermore, the NuMATCHTM series is now extended to cover 4 precision matched passive fibers for industry standard Er:Yb doped fibers for the first time, thus enabling high power fiber laser and amplifier manufacturers operating at 1550 nm to also benefit from the NuMATCHTM fiber platform.

George Oulundsen, Product Line Manager for Optical Fibers highlights, “In response to customer feedback on the successful introduction of the NuMATCHTM fiber product line, we have decided to further expand the number of doped and un-doped matching fibers to offer a more complete suite of products covering the range of OEM customers making high power fiber lasers and amplifiers. These precision matched fibers offer the best possible performance when it comes to splicing active and passive fibers and now extends to a greater number of fiber products across multiple wavelengths for the first time. ”

Nufern Expands Tm and Ho-doped Fiber Product Lines
Nufern also expanding its line of rare earth doped 2mm active fibers by introducing the all-glass double clad Holmium doped fiber and expanding its Thulium doped fiber products with two new offerings.

The first fiber of a new Ho-doped all-glass double clad series continues the history of collaborative research and development between Nufern and a small group of its customers at the forefront of mid-IR fiber lasers research. The Ho-doped fiber features a unique all-glass cladding design with a 40µm diameter Ho-doped core, a glass inner cladding diameter of 250µm, a 320mm 0.22NA index depressed outer glass cladding for the pump radiation and a fluoroacrylate outer polymer jacket (40/250/320/400). This new Ho-doped fiber is optimized for resonant pumping at 2050nm using Tm-fiber lasers and achieves higher output power than similarly operated polymer-based double-clad Ho-doped fibers because of the all-glass pump waveguide design. The optimal operating wavelength range for these fibers is around 2150nm, making them an ideal choice for a variety of medical lasers as well as power scaling for a host of military laser applications.

The two new Tm-doped fibers include a highly doped Tm-fiber for core pumping, enabling very short laser cavities required in producing ultra-fast fiber lasers and a lower concentration 25/250 Tm-doped double-clad fiber that operates in the shorter wavelength region of the gain spectrum with improved performance.

Dr. Adrian Carter, CTO and Asia/Pacific Sales Director, states, “Nufern continues to work with its customers in the area of 2mm fiber lasers and to build upon our fiber expertise and manufacturing capabilities to help achieve better performance from both Ho and Tm-doped devices. We anticipate that these 2mm fibers will see growth in the areas of ultra-fast lasers as well as medical, military and industrial applications over the next several years.”

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