Fiberizer Cloud – fiber optic testing data management solution in the cloud.



February 5, 2013

OptiXsoft and Agizer are glad to introduce Fiberizer Cloud – saas (software as a service) for fiber optic data management and analysis. On the one hand being tiny companies OptiXsoft and Agizer found out the hard way that it’s always troublesome and resource-intensive for small companies to install, launch and maintenance any kind of in-house management or database related systems. On the other hand both companies have solid experience in fiber optic test equipment and software development. That is why new web service Fiberizer Cloud was developed from the view point of ordinary fiber optic engineers and their businesses.

Now engineers have no need to store multiple copies of their OTDR traces on different PCs in tremendous number of nested folders; or to order expensive custom software. Fiberizer Cloud allows to store and analyze fiber optic testing data directly from the browser opened on desktop PC or notebook (iOS and Android mobile clients are coming soon too) connected to the internet wherever they are.

Fiberizer Cloud:
• supports OTDR traces in universal Telcordia GR-196 & SR-4731 *.sor format allowing to work with most of modern OTDRs;
• has OTDR trace analysis instruments like measurement of loss, reflection, attenuation, event table;
• has bidirectional and batch analysis features;
• can generate of PDF reports (with embedded traces);
• work with PON schemes;
• has web client based on Microsoft Silverlight technology;

Currently Fiberizer Cloud registration is free and available here:

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