New 25 Watt High Brightness Laser Module

SemiNex Corporation is pleased to announce the latest development in high-brightness fiber coupled modules.

25 Watt High Brightness Laser Module

25 Watt High Brightness Laser Module

March 08, 2013

Peabody, MA - March 8, 2013 - SemiNex Corporation announces the release of a new 25-watt, high power fiber coupled laser module. The Fiber Coupled Chip (FCC) family of laser modules is the latest development in the SemiNex expanding product portfolio.

The FCC-103 produces 25 watts of CW power at 1550 nm into a 105 µm core fiber. This is nearly twice the brightness of standard 200 µm core laser assemblies. These high brightness modules arehb laser module provided with .22 NA fiber and an SMA905 connector. At 1470 nm the FCC-101 provides up to 30 watts of CW power. Other wavelengths are available upon request.

Since 2003 SemiNex has been a prominent supplier of InP high power infrared lasers. Our unique semiconductor structure has allowed SemiNex to provide industry leading gain chips with superior efficiency throughout the 13xx to 17xx nm region. In addition to our gain chips; SemiNex works with its customers to provide a variety of package options, including submounts, modules and multi-chip modules. The FCC is the latest development in our expanding product portfolio.

This compact package of 100 x 38 x 12.7 mm is one of the smallest high power modules on the market today. Applications include fiber laser pumping, DPSS pumping, LIDAR, thermal treatment, medical and other applications requiring high brightness in a compact space.

"Our customers identified the need for a compact, high brightness, high power laser module and we listened" shared David Bean; CEO and President of SemiNex. "We appreciate customers pushing us to make our products better each year."

SemiNex is building sample devices now and will deliver in volume Q3 2013.

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures high-power semiconductor lasers for use in military, medical, and dental applications. SemiNex's unique product designs enable lasers with high powers and improved thermal performance. SemiNex diode technology dramatically lowers the cost per watt of laser power, especially compared to alternate technologies such as sold-state lasers and fiber lasers. Learn more at

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