VI Systems multimode photoreceiver operates up to 50 Gibt/s at 850nm

R50-850 with adaptor board

R50-850 with adaptor board

December 4, 2012

VI Systems demonstrates the 50Gb/s-compatible photoreceiver for the next generation of multimode fiber ultra-high speed optical links which are based on 850nm vertical cavity surface emitting (VCSEL) transmitters in high performance computing (HPC) applications and datacenters.

BERLIN, Germany, Dec 4, 2012. VI Systems GmbH, a leader in ultra-high speed components for data communications, introduces the new receiver subassembly module for data rates of up to 50 Gbit/s. The module includes a VIS PIN photodetector within a spectral range of 700-890 nm integrated to a VIS limiting transimpedance amplifier having a -3dB bandwidth >35GHz both assembled in a compact high frequency TO-can-compatible micropackage. The module is coupled to a 50/125 um multi- mode fiber.

Recently researchers at Chalmers University of Technology (CTU) in Gothenburg, Sweden demonstrated 47Gb/s error free data transmission at 25ºC over multimode fiber using high-speed 850 nm VCSEL from CTU and R40-850 module from VI-Systems GmbH. Details of the experimental set up are presented in EPIC Newsletter vol. 9 October 2012:

Target applications are interconnects in the computer industry and inside of datacenters. The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) started to define interfaces at data rates of 39-56 Gbit/s with a standard due in Q4 2014. Further standards for serial transmission at >50 Gb/s are currently being developed within Fiber Channel 64GFC and Infiniband High Data Rate (HDR). Multimode versions of the receiver (850 nm) and single mode fiber (1300 – 1550 nm) versions of the receiver are available.

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