JDSU Introduces New Solution that can Improve Test Efficiencies in Optical Connector Production Environments by More Than 300 Percent

The mORL multimode insertion loss test module for the JDSU MAP-200 dramatically increases productivity in a smaller footprint


Apr 16, 2012

The JDSU mORL is the latest test application plug-in module for the MAP-200 test platform family and helps manufacturers meet emerging performance demands of multi-fiber connector and assembly manufacturing in new high-speed data center applications.

Key values the mORL delivers to multimode connector production line testing:

Improves test efficiencies by more than 300 percent including 4 times faster test per DUT and in a 75 percent smaller footprint.

Easily sets up even complex test scenarios using step-by-step wizards
and a new, improved graphical operator interface. Users are only one button push away from connector inspection.

Competes in high-speed data center applications with unmatched test performance, the mORL fully addresses new requirements for ribbon-fiber system loss budgets, requiring connector losses at half of those previously.

Easily and seamlessly transitions from NPI to volume production anywhere using an Ethernet-based software interface combined with a flexible modular design. This combination enables use of the same solution at the NPI stage similar to those deployed as volume manufacturing ramps. Straightforward SCPI commands over Ethernet simplify implementation.

The mORL and MAP-200 are part of a portfolio of products that labs and manufacturers worldwide trust as reliable and unmatched in depth, breadth, and support for all phases of optical transmission system development.

Use Case: The mORL completes the JDSU test portfolio for manufacturing multimode and single-mode optical connector assemblies, offering levels of test efficiencies never before available. JDSU offers the unique ability to combine 40/100 G level performance at quadruple the test speeds in a 75 percent smaller footprint. This solution lets those in the industry compete in high-speed markets at a dramatically reduced cost overall.

JDSU won the coveted 2011 Frost & Sullivan Fiber Optics Test Equipment Market Leader Award for fiber-optic test equipment and offers the MAP-200-based test solutions as part of its broad optical test solutions portfolio.

For more information about the mORL and MAP-200, or any other JDSU network test and measurement tools, visit JDSU website.

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