Observation & surveillance


State-of-the-art SPEED-A is an EO / IR Payload for Surveillance on Aerostats and Balloons

CONTROP's SPEED-A payload has been ordered by yet an additional customer – this time in Europe - for surveillance applications on aerostats and balloons.

Introducing the World Smallest Wide Dynamic Range Analog Camera

The 8Pico-Cam, designed by M8, integrates the NSC0902 WDR sensor from NIT. It delivers a B&W PAL/NTSC (768 x 576) signal through a standard composite video output, supports a 5V-9V power supply and a M12 (S-Mount) Lens. Read >>

Moog Meets Demand for All-Weather, All-Terrain Surveillance Cameras with New EXO™ High-Definition Camera Model Releases

The new EXO GeminEye camera system is available as a PTZ visible and/or thermal solution. It is part of the Moog EXO Series surveillance camera line, which includes models able to withstand contaminants, chemicals, corrosion, bullets, impacts, flammable gases, and dust. Read >>

VisionMap Releases New LightSpeed Version

The new version includes several upgrades and new features. First is a new and improved task management mechanism, used for parallelization of processing computations. Read >>

New MWIR Uncooled FPA ROIC: larger resolution, high-speed.

The sensor, made of polycrystalline PbSe using the Vapor Phase Deposition manufacturing method (exclusive from NIT), is built directly on top of the Si-CMOS readout circuitry (ROIC) taking advantage of the VPD – Si-CMOS manufacturing method compatibility. Read >>

FLIR launches LS-Series: Ultra-compact handheld thermal night vision cameras

The new FLIR LS-Series thermal imaging camera gives every law enforcement officer the power to see clearly in total darkness. It gives law enforcement officers, security patrols and any other person that needs to see at night without being seen himself, the information needed to make critical decisions, enhance mission effectiveness, maximize operational capabilities and improve safety. Read >>

Hood Technology Announces SWaP-Efficient, Stabilized Imaging Payloads for Unmanned Systems

The 4-axis stabilized payload for long-range imaging is also suitable for use in manned and unmanned land vehicles, ground vehicles, aerostats, unstable fixed mounts, and marine systems. Read >>

Telops Awarded Contract for a Leak Detection and Identification System from Sinopec Group

The contract includes the delivery of a leak detection and identification system based on Telops Hyper-Cam, the leading FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) hyperspectral imaging instrument. Read >>

Thermoteknix exhibit innovative thermal imaging products at LAAD Defence & Security 2013 in their own Night Vision tunnel

Among the products being demonstrated are: ClipIR Small Clip-on Thermal Imager. TiCAM® 750 - Thermoteknix range of lightweight, Military Specification thermal imaging binoculars. MicroCAM - Thermoteknix’ range of long-wave thermal imaging cores for a wide variety of applications which are available in 384x288 and 640x480 resolution modules Read >>

CONTROP’s FOX Family of Unique Thermal Imaging Cameras

These new products join the FOX Family of Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras – ranging in size from 250mm focal length through 1400mm focal length – all of which are well known worldwide due to their unique Continuous Optical Zoom Lens as well as other unique features such as Local AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and advanced image processing. Read >>

TerraLuma Project Selects Headwall's Micro Hyperspec for Airborne Remote Sensing Applications

University of Tasmania Researchers Utilize Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Improve the Science of Earth Observation Read >>

OPTIX Co. Launched on the Market a New Thermal Vison Attachment

The thermal vision attachment PTO-75 is specially designed to be used by military entities, Special Forces and snipers deliberately. Read >>

Hood Technology Introduces Alticam™ Pod with GPS/INS for Manned and Unmanned Systems

HoodTech’s new Alticam Pod has been used on the Cessna 182 and is readily adaptable to other general aviation aircraft, aerostats, and unmanned aircraft. For manned aircraft, the pod includes an Alitcam control console with an intuitive touch screen operator terminal. Read >>

March Networks Integrates Bosch IP Cameras With Its Command Video Management Software

The certified integration provides March Networks Command™ systems integrators and customers with additional flexibility when selecting the most suitable solution for their needs. It simplifies and speeds deployments, while enabling organizations to maximize existing technology investments. Read >>

Moog Videolarm Introduces Two New Enclosures for Panomorph-Lens-Enabled Cameras

Aesthetically pleasing designs tailor fit to protect 360o panomorph lenses in specific applications Read >>

Excelitas Technologies Debuts Thermal Imaging Capabilities at electronica 2012 with its CoolEyeTM 1024

Excelitas’ Thermal Infrared Imager provides real-time, low resolution imaging in a small form-factor for variety of commercial, security, and medical applications Read >>

BriefCam Wins HLS Israel Technology Innovation Company of the Year 2012

BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology for browsing hours of surveillance video in minutes took first place for physical security in the Innovation Competition at the 2nd International Conference for Homeland Security in Tel Aviv Read >>

Optech announces new gyro-stabilized survey solution for its innovative line of ALTM airborne laser terrain mappers and digital metric cameras

The Optech GSM survey solution takes full advantage of Optech's expertise in custom mount designs and multi-sensor installations by integrating SOMAG AG Jena's proven GSM 3000 gyro-stabilization mount with a precisely designed multi-sensor frame and platform. Read >>

Hood Tech Announces Facial Recognition with Small-UAV Airborne Video Imagery

The company’s new product Alticam 09 EO+ payload extends EO optical zoom to 160X, and delivers a standard definition horizontal field of view of 0.3 degrees. Read >>

Industry’s First Certified Camera for Long-Range Gas Leak Detection, Unveiled by Opgal at Gastech 2012

The new EyeCGas Infrared Gas Imaging Camera equipped with a 75 mm lens is the only camera certified for use in Class I Div 2 hazardous locations enabling remote detection and visualization of gas leaks from a great distance Read >>

Headwall Photonics Simplifies Hyperspectral Imaging with its new Hyperspec UV Starter Kit

Optimized for the 250nm-600nm UV-VIS Spectral Band, Starter Kit Provides an Easy-to-Deploy Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging Read >>

Headwall's Hyperspectral Sensors Set to Lift Off with NT Space

Headwall Delivered Hyperspec® VNIR & SWIR Sensors to Cover Broad Spectral Wavelength Range of 380 to 2500 nm Read >>

OPTIX Co. launched on the market a new thermal sight for grenade launchers – PAGOT

PAGOT is an all weather thermal sight for grenade launchers. PAGOT is designed for supreme performance with 40 mm RPG -7 based on micro-bolometer uncooled IR technology with 2X, 4X digital zoom and selectable polarity. Read >>

New Infrared Technologies expands the OEM module solutions for the uncooled MWIR imaging and linear arrays, with the new CORE-S modules

The new CORE-S modules have multiple applications in the industrial market: manufacturing process control, quality inspection, gas and fi re detection, among others. Read >>

Hood Technology Introduces Advanced Imaging Payload for Small UAVs ̶ Alticam 09 EO+

Designed for small UAVs, the newest 4-axis gyro-stabilized camera system features an extended electro-optical (EO) zoom up to 160X for visible daylight imaging. Read >>

VSI to Showcase World’s Most Advanced Helmet Mounted Display Technologies at 2012 Farnborough Air Show

Targo™ is VSI’s low-cost, low-integration solution for light attack, airlift and trainer aircraft. The system is designed for any required level of integration, from an autonomous training system to full-up integrated helmet display. Read >>

New Noga Light NL-94AU

The new model has been released as NL-94AU, was authorized for flight by the Australian CASA Read >>

eMagin Receives Initial Production Subcontract for U.S. Army Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

The SENVG gives soldiers the ability to detect and identify potential threats regardless of weather or environmental conditions, helping to ensure they complete their missions and come home safely. Read >>

Sofradir boosts performance of High Operating Temperature (HOT) infrared detector

Sofradir’s L-HOT MWIR demonstrator offers thermal equipment makers power efficiency with no trade-off in detection range Read >>

Headwall and ReSe Applications Partner For Airborne Spectral Imaging Solutions

ReSe's Remote Sensing Software Combined with Headwall's Hyperspec® Airborne Sensors Offers Orthorectification of Airborne Hyperspectral Data Read >>

Meprolight Launches Full Day/Night Solution for Dismounted Soldiers - NOA XT4 - a Clip-On/Hand-Held Thermal Viewer

The NOA XT4 is the newest member of the Uncooled Thermal Weapon sights family. Compact and lightweight, the dual-use Thermal Weapon/Surveillance clip-on is designed for the dismounted soldier - enhancing the soldier's tactical action by providing easy thermal clip-on for mounting in-line with a 4x day magnifier or used as a handheld viewer. Read >>

Elbit Systems Presents a Range of End-to-End Solutions for Terrain Dominance and Enhanced Situational Awareness at Eurosatory 2012

XACT-NV32: Micro-compact night vision monocular for enhanced observation performance, head, helmet or weapon mounted Read >>

Sensors Unlimited – Goodrich ISR Systems Introduces a Cubic Inch SWIR Camera for Military Imaging

New C-platform, ultra-low size, weight, and power, shortwave infrared camera unveiled at DSS 2012 Read >>

DRS Technologies Launches the Smallest and Lowest Power Mid-Wave Infrared Camera Core to Original Equipment Manufacturers

The compact ZafiroTM640 Micro is the latest in RSTA’s line of cooled, mid-wave products that was launched in January 2012 with the introduction of the ZafiroTM640. Read >>

World Novelty: VarioCAM ® High Definition

Mobile Real Time Thermographic Cameras with an IR Resolution of 3.1 Megapixels Read >>

MicroOLED presents 5.4M dot bicolor and tricolor OLED microdisplays for enhanced digital image fusion at SPIE DSS 2012

MicroOLED’s quad pixel architecture brings new advances in high-resolution image processing Read >>

ULIS debuts I2C infrared sensor Pico384E(TM)

New 17-micron thermal sensor with standard serial link simplifies IR camera designs Read >>

Tau® SWIR 15 Micron Camera Debuts at SPIE DSS April 23rd

The Tau SWIR 15 is designed for defense system developers demanding SWAP+C requirements in dismounted soldier systems, ground and aerial platforms. Read >>

Simmons Introduces the New LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder Featuring the Exclusive Tilt Intelligence

Tilt Intelligence by Simmons gives hunters the peace of mind they need when the opportunity arises to take the shot of a lifetime. Read >>

New Wide-Field Thermal Camera Systems from DRS Technologies Helps Keep Military Vehicles on the Road – And Troops Safer

The new system, DVE Wide, lets the driver electronically pan through the full 107º to see both sides of the road ahead. It also adds wheel track indicators to the video image so the driver can clearly identify any potential obstacles and see where road surfaces drop off. Read >>

DRS Targets OEMs with Infrared Camera Module for Use in Security and Surveillance Products

Competitively priced, the ZafiroTM640 is a lightweight (3.3 lbs.) medium-to-long range cooled thermal imaging module that detects mid-wave infrared energy. Read >>

After a Decade of Success Bushnell Reintroduces its Popular H20 Design

The H2O series binoculars are O-ringed sealed and nitrogen purged, offering outdoor enthusiasts 100 percent waterproof and fog-proof performance. Read >>

Tau® CNV Color Night Vision Camera Delivers Quality Video in Ultra Low-light Conditions

The Tau CNV color and monochrome cameras deliver near starlight-level imaging and are designed for security, military EO systems, hyperspectral imaging, and traffic monitoring applications. The CNV operates on less than 4 Watts of power, weighs less than 175 grams, and takes up approximately 150^2cm of volume. Read >>

Meprolight to Present the Mini-Hunter - Lightweight Night Vision Weapon Sight and NOA NYX

Both sights are exceptionally lightweight, high performance and ideal for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Read >>

Bushnell Sport 850 Laser Rangefinder Offers Performance and Value

The popular laser rangefinder offers high-performance and a host of valuable features for hunters and shooters. Read >>

Bushnell Adds New Features To Its Trophy Cam Series

Helping Hunters More Effectively Pattern Game Read >>

DRS Technologies Develops Digital Thermal Imaging Camera for Commercial Security

The WatchMaster™ IP Elite is the newest addition to the WatchMasterTM IP family of thermal imaging cameras manufactured by the Commercial Infrared Systems Line of Business of DRS RSTA, based in Dallas, Texas and Melbourne, Florida. Read >>

Nikon Introduces New Laser Rangefinder "Forestry Pro"

Ever since the first model was released in 1999, Nikon laser rangefinders have been well received by a wide variety of users Read >>

Bushnell Introduce the Patriot Edition Hunting Laser Rangefinder

The Patriot Edition features the Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC, a super-compact laser rangefinder with 5x magnification Read >>

New Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact Binoculars

Offer Outstanding Optical Quality in a Convenient Size Read >>

Nikon Releases New EDG Fieldscopes 85 VR and 85-A VR

These new EDG VR Fieldscope models are the world's first fieldscopes to incorporate the lens-shift type VR function. The vibration reduction algorithm, based on Nikon's sophisticated VR mechanism used in NIKKOR VR lenses, has been optimized for these scopes. Read >>


Designed on the EL binocular body, the EL Range is extremely lightweight and ergonomic, especially when compared to the rest of the competition in its class. Read >>

Bushnell Introduces Two New Models to the Elite Spotting Scope Line

Featuring ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion glass, fully multi-coated lenses and premium BAK-4 prisms, the new spotting scopes deliver amazing color resolution and contrast while providing exceptional edge-to-edge detail. Read >>

DRS Technologies Awarded IDIQ Contract Valued at up to $514 Million from U.S. Army to Qualify and Produce Lightweight Laser Rangefinders for Weapon Systems

Integrated into a single system, the STORM sight combines a laser range finder with a digital compass and a processor that computes and displays targeting data, an infrared aiming laser, a visible pointer and illuminator, and the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) to simulate tactical engagement in training exercises. Read >>


New 1/2-Inch CCD Camera Ideal for High-Speed Traffic Surveillance Read >>

Canon U.S.A. Announces New 1.3-Megapixel VB-M700F Fixed IP Camera: Features Video Analytics, and Low-Light Imaging

"Box" Style IP Security Camera Features Video Analytics, Low-Light Imaging and ONVIF Conformance Read >>

DRS Technologies Produces Lightweight, Low-Consumption Thermal Camera

Slightly smaller than a golf ball, the Tamarisk™320 occupies less than 30 cubic centimeters of space Read >>

DRS Technologies Launches a New Family of Thermal Imaging Cameras for Commercial Use

The new line of infrared systems includes the WatchMasterTM Pro and the WatchMasterTM Pro+. Read >>