Canon’s new CR-2 Plus AF digital non-mydriatic retinal camera features four automatic functions, delivers improved operability

CR-2 Plus AF

CR-2 Plus AF

March 28, 2013

TOKYO, March 28, 2013—Canon Inc., Canon Marketing Japan Inc. and Canon Lifecare Solutions Inc. announced today the introduction in Japan of the CR-2 Plus AF, a new digital non-mydriatic retinal camera featuring four automatic functions, including Auto-focus and Auto-shot, and improved operating ease.

Canon’s new CR-2 Plus AF digital non-mydriatic retinal camera, successor to the well-received CR-2 Plus (released in October 2011), enables examinations without the use of pupil-dilating eye drops. Incorporating a dedicated digital SLR camera unit, the device makes possible high-quality imaging performance despite its compact, lightweight body design.

The CR-2 Plus AF is equipped with four automatic functions, including high-speed Auto-focus and Auto-shot, facilitating the capture of high-quality retinal images with increased operating ease. Like its predecessor, the new retinal camera supports the observation and treatment of eye disorders through the inclusion of a fundus auto-fluorescence (FAF) imaging function, making it well suited for eye clinics and general hospitals that not only conduct general health examinations but also provide treatment for patients.

The CR-2 Plus AF’s four automatic functions include three new functions: Auto-switching, which automatically shifts from the anterior eye to the fundus; Auto-focus, which delivers rapid auto-focusing performance; and Auto-shot, which automatically captures images as soon as the camera is in position. The three new automatic functions join the Auto-exposure function, which was also included in the earlier model, for a total of four automatic functions to make capturing high-quality diagnostic images easier than ever. The four automatic features also contribute to reduced examination times for reduced stress on patients.

CR-2 Plus AF

The FAF imaging feature makes possible the observation of fluorescence in the fundus without the need to administer a contrast dye, minimizing patient discomfort during examinations. FAF not only facilitates the monitoring of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of visual impairment, it can also aid in the identification and monitoring of other disorders, including diabetic retinopathy. Users can easily shift between the Color and FAF imaging modes with the single press of a button on the control panel.

Offering a total of six ISO settings (ISO 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400) for color photography, the CR-2 Plus AF supports a wide range of examination needs. Low-sensitivity settings realize high-quality images with reduced noise while the high-sensitivity settings enable imaging using low flash intensity for improved patient comfort.

The Canon CR-2 Plus AF digital non-mydriatic retinal camera will go on sale in Japan on May 1, 2013, priced at ¥3.5 million (excluding tax).

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