Medigus announces development of an optical zoom component for its microcameras.

Medigus optical zoom component

Medigus announces development of an optical zoom component for its microcameras.

November 14, 2012

Medigus Ltd (TASE: MDGS) reported today that it has completed the development of an advanced optical zoom component which is, to the company's best knowledge, the smallest of its kind in the world. The component is intended for use inter alia with Medigus' 1.2mm diameter microcameras; the total diameter of an optical system consisting of the microcamera together with the zoom component is only 3mm.

The zoom capability affords a 50 - 80 degree field of view, which may be augmented by additional lenses per customers' unique requirements. The optical system includes miniature motors controlling the moveable lenses. Both endoscopic-medical and industrial applications can be served by the optical system, which may be utilized through the working channel of other endoscopes (such as colonoscopes or gastroscopes) or alternatively as an independent micro-optical tool combined with other devices. The company is currently discussing the supply of the optical systems with its customers.

The optical system can serve as a substitute for radiation-based systems in certain examinations, thereby obviating radiation-related risks. Medigus intends to commercialize the optical system inter alia for various purposes including endo-microscopic detection of intestinal growths and biopsy targeting. To Medigus' best knowledge, such procedures have been recently approved for reimbursement codes by the American Medical Association.

The optical system is supported by the company's advanced digital video processor. The zoom component was developed together with Nanomotion Ltd., via both companies' participation in the Bio-Medical Photonics consortium.

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