OPMI 1 FR pro Surgical Microscope – Reliable and Efficient

A surgical microscope focused on the rapidly emerging economies

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OPMI 1 FR pro Surgical Microscope


JENA/Germany, 28.09.2011. Carl Zeiss Meditec is now introducing the OPMI® 1 FR pro surgical microscope, which is precisely tailored to the needs of doctors in rapidly developing economies like India, China or Southeast Asia. The routine system for cataract surgery is a reliable partner for ophthalmic surgeons – also for high patient throughput.

Around the world around 20 million people have lost their sight due to cataracts, 90 percent of whom live in developing and emerging countries. Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG: “With the OPMI 1 FR pro, we are reacting to the high level of demand for ophthalmic systems particularly in Asia, but also in other regions. With its outstanding ease of use and mobility, the surgical microscope meets the specific requirements of our doctors in the rapidly developing economies."

OPMI 1 FR pro Surgical Microscope

The benefits for doctors at a glance:
The LED illumination with daylight characteristics in combination with the high resolution and color fidelity of the ZEISS optics allows the doctor to see greater detail and more contrast than before. Images are perceived more quickly and easily, minimizing eyestrain for the doctor. This is a decisive benefit in view of the high number of daily cases – as many as 50 a day – experienced in the target markets. The bright, high contrast resolution is supported by the red reflex that enables better orientation for the doctor during cataract surgery.

The compact design of the OPMI 1 FR pro permits flexible and stable positioning in both small and large operating rooms. The system is quickly ready for action and easy to transport at the same time. The surgical microscope can be upgraded by further motorized functions at any time, therefore offering the doctor a high degree of flexibility during the use of the system. In combination with the VISALIS 100 phaco system, the OPMI 1 FR pro permits a straightforward and efficient workflow during cataract surgery.

Doctors in rapidly developing economies operate with the usual high ZEISS quality, and the global Carl Zeiss service network ensures fast support and assistance for individual customer inquiries.

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