World premiere: The Swiss watch that saves lives

The first-ever emergency-call watch – a Swiss technology breakthrough

Press Release
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Serenade model from Limmex AG

27 October 2011

Neuchatel/Zurich, 27 October 2011 - Today, the Swiss start-up Limmex AG and CSEM SA jointly present a revolutionary emergency watch. It enables the wearer to request assistance at the push of a button, and to speak with pre-selected persons (e.g. family members, call center, physician). The Limmex emergency watch works all over Switzerland and requires no installation. Limmex AG is managed by an experienced team backed by renowned investors such as the fourth largest Swiss bank, Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB, and Andy Rihs, founder and former CEO of Phonak, the world's largest provider of hearing solutions.

Fast assistance for both the professional and the private sector

The potential applications of the emergency watch are numerous. In the professional sector, Limmex increases the safety of those working in dangerous environments or alone, such as people working in security, at 24-hour gas stations, etc. Similarly, Limmex offers safety to private individuals such as athletes or children. This highly innovative emergency watch also increases the quality of life of people with illnesses such as epilepsy, cardiac problems or strong allergies, any of whom might find themselves in an emergency situation and need immediate assistance. Elderly persons will be able to count on a system which operates outside their own four walls, is discreet, and which requires no installation.

"In Switzerland, approximately 500'000 elderly people suffer a fall each year. Imagine the potential benefit of Limmex in this field alone," comments Dr. Daniel Grob, Chief Physician and Medical Director at the Waidspital in Zurich.

Simple and unobtrusive
In contrast to a mobile phone, a wrist-watch is instantly accessible at all times. The push of a button initiates an emergency call and establishes mobile communication. It's no accident that the Limmex technology is packaged in an elegant watch. "Our market research revealed that an emergency call system must be unobtrusive; neither a jeweler nor an elderly person wants those around them to notice that they are using such a system. With a range of a dozen elegant watches, we have now addressed this issue," explains Limmex CEO Pascal Koenig.

Entrepreneurial company with strong partners
In 2008, with financial support from the Hatt Bucher Foundation, the Age Foundation and the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the founders developed the core technology together with the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM), a renowned Swiss innovation and research institute. Several test phases and optimization steps followed, until the product was mature to go into full production.

Institutional investors such as the Zürcher Kantonalbank, and private investors such as Andy Rihs have made major contributions. "Users will have no idea of the complex technology hidden behind the Limmex watches. The simplicity of the product - assistance at the push of a button - is fascinating. Limmex will increase the quality of life of a lot of people and save many lives," remarks Andy Rihs.

Market launch in Switzerland
The 12 Limmex watch models are now available in Switzerland. Distribution is handled via several established partners. Internationalization of Limmex to other countries is planned soon.

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