Photonics & Physics

Light might prompt graphene devices on demand

Rice University researchers find plasmonics show promise for optically induced electronics Read >>

Small Footprint, Modular Raman Spectrometer from Ocean Optics

Apex 785 first in the company’s new Elite Series Read >>

TECHSPEC® Hard Coated 25nm Bandpass Interference Filters Ideal for Life Science Instrumentationh

Edmund Optics’ TECHSPEC Hard Coated 25nm Bandpass Interference Filters are designed to serve as an excellent midrange alternative to broadband or narrowband filters. Read >>

Flash photolysis spectrometer helps with light harvesting research

The LP920 was used to record transient triplet-minus-singlet absorption spectra of chlorophyll a with different peridinin molecular analogs in polar and non-polar solvents, allowing the dynamics of the reactions to be investigated. Read >>


Laser Research CO2 Laser Mirrors are offered in 3/4” to 3” dia. sizes, from 2 to 10 mm thick, with +0.000”/-0.005” tolerances, and meet ISO-10110 and OEM specifications. Optimized for 10.6 µm @45° AOI, they are made from silicon with an enhanced silver DMBR coating to provide up to 99.6% reflectivity. Read >>

Newport Introduces 918D-ST Series Wand Photodiode Sensors

The new design features a thin profile wand detector in a sturdy metal housing with integrated calibration-data storage and an automatic OD3 attenuator On/Off position sensor. Read >>

Advanced Thin Films Fuses Brands and Management in Boulder

Advanced Thin Films is excited to announce the fusion of the Precision Photonics and ATFilms brands and capabilities under one roof. Now all together, the team is fully operational at the 5733 Central Avenue, Boulder, Colorado location. Read >>

Physics on a plane: crystals made under zero gravity

A group of physicists from Japan have taken to the skies to grow crystals under zero gravity. Read >>

Photonic Thermometers

Devices to Measure Temperature (and More) with Light Read >>

European tech firms to target more than USD 90 million (EUR 72M) at Invest in Photonics

18 innovative companies selected for leading-edge applications in fast-growth cleantech, healthcare and consumer goods markets Read >>

CERN Collider to Become the World’s Fastest Stopwatch?

Light pulses a million times shorter than previously possible: Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology are proposing a new measuring method, using equipment which will soon be available at CERN. Read >>

Ten New Key Laser Wavelengths for EdgeBasic™ Long Pass-Edge Filters

EdgeBasic filters were designed from the glass up to provide high performance at a great value and are ideal for fluorescence imaging and metrology applications. Used in application-specific Raman spectroscopy, they are a superb fit when exceptional laser-line blocking is required and the Raman shift measurement is not too small. Read >>

Laser Optics for IR Wavelengths

For High Energy Densities in the Laser Cavity Read >>

New device hides, on cue, from infrared cameras

Tunable material developed at Harvard boasts nearly 100% absorption on demand Read >>

UT Arlington physics team demonstrates new power generation technique

A University of Texas at Arlington physics professor has helped create a hybrid nanomaterial that can be used to convert light and thermal energy into electrical current, surpassing earlier methods that used either light or thermal energy, but not both. Read >>

Bruker launches the METALJET

Novel and Extremely Bright Microfocus X-ray Source for Structural Biology Applications Read >>

Electron Microscopes With a Twist

Vortex beams, rotating like a tornado, offer completely new possibilities for electron microscopy. A method of producing extremely intense vortex beams has been discovered at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). Read >>

High-precision metrology systems for next-generation microchips

Collaboration between Carl Zeiss and PTB extended to EUV lithography Read >>

Optical microscopes lend a hand to graphene research

The remarkable properties and subsequent applications of graphene have been well-documented since it was first isolated in 2004; however, researchers are still trying to find a quick, cheap and efficient way of measuring its thickness. A group of researchers from China appear to have solved this problem by devising a universal method using just a standard optical microscope. Read >>

P-CUBE Photodiode Modules for Application on an Optical Bench

Low-noise, sensitive PIN photodiodes are housed in cubes. The CUBEs have an edge length of only 40 mm. To integrate them into optomechanical setups, the CUBEs can be attached to a rod system. Read >>

Process Control Using Parametric Testers

Abstract: The article suggests that systematic parametric testing of a manufacturing process has a significant advantage in increasing the yield, and its effect becomes noticeable in cases where the process is not finalized. Read >>

INTRODUCING: RMI Infrared, LLC. – a New Source of CVD grown Zinc Selenide

RMI Infrared offers a variety of fabrication options for ZnSe, such as: Sufficient Material to Yield (SMTY), Core Drilled blanks, Edged blanks, and polished and ready to be coated blanks. Read >>

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