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Rigaku introduces new compact high-performance WDXRF spectrometer

The Supermini200 incorporates a number of advancements from the original Supermini, including newly designed and simplified software and an improved footprint. Read >>

Iridian announces the extension of their existing visible and near-infrared (VIS-NIR) filter offerings into the mid-wave and long-wave infrared (MLWIR) wavelength region.

Iridian's new MLWIR BPF capabilities provide narrow, high transmission band-pass filters in the 2-10um wavelength region enabling optical systems to detect the presence and concentration of gases of interest in environmental or process analysis applications Read >>

PixelTec Patterned Optics Now Available with High-Precision Bandpass Filters

Sharper multispectral data for application-specific sensing and imaging Read >>

Hamamatsu develops ultra-compact, high-precision MEMS mirror for head-up displays and microprojectors

The new device is an electromagnetically-activated laser scanning MEMS mirror that will be available in one-dimensional and two-dimensional formats. Read >>

B&W Tek Announces Expansion of Smart Spectrometer Product Line

The Exemplar product line is already revolutionary for being the smartest, fastest and most synchronous line of miniature spectrometers available on the market. This makes them ideal for demanding applications such as high speed reaction kinetics, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), and real-time process monitoring. Read >>

Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirror Used in Robo-AO, World’s First Robotic Astronomical Laser Adaptive Optics

BMC’s Deformable Mirror Chosen for Reliability, Compact Size and Off-the-Shelf Availability Read >>

Precision Glass & Optics Provides Precision Cutting/Scribing on Thin Flat Glass

PG&O’s TLC machine provides close-tolerance singulation of thin (0.002” – 0.125” / 0.075 mm – 3.000 mm) flat technical glass substrates, with repeatable accuracies of ±.002"/±.0508 mm for rectilinear (X-Y) and ±.003"/±.0762 mm for circular or free-form shaped parts - single sheet or laminate - using carbide and diamond wheels. Read >>

Vacuum Spectrometers

New diffraction gratings improve reflective efficiency and wavelength range. Read >>

Thorlabs Introduces New UV-Visible Achromatic Wave Plates

Achromatic wave plates are constructed from at least two birefringent materials, typically quartz and MgF2. Through precise engineering of material thickness and proper choice of birefringent material, an achromatic wave plate can be engineered to provide constant retardance over a wavelength range of interest. Read >>

Quantum teleportation goes distance

An international research team including several scientists from the University of Waterloo has achieved quantum teleportation over a record-breaking distance of 143 kilometres through free space. Read >>

Needle beam could eliminate signal loss in on-chip optics

Harvard researchers create a light wave that propagates without spreading Read >>

New Negative Dispersion Mirrors for Ultrafast Lasers

These mirrors can be designed to deliver GDD values as high as -5000 fs2 (with an accuracy ±10%) at the specific laser wavelength, while also offering excellent reflectivity (>99.8%) as well as high laser damage threshold. Read >>

The Semiconductor Industry wears Litho – Black dress

Acktar pioneers the industrialization of super-thin light-absorbing black film for wafer - level optics and miniature optics implementations Read >>

Dual-FL combines a spectrofluorometer and spectrophotometer for simultaneous rapid collection of fluorescence and absorbance data

Dual-FL features spectral rates as fast as 80,000 nm/s, and acquires EEMs up to a 100 times faster than any other instrument. Read >>

University of Manchester Installs New Ultra-Powerful Microscope From FEI

The First of Its Kind in the UK, the Titan G2 80-200 S/TEM is Capable of Imaging the Microstructure of Materials at the Atomic-Scale Read >>

Twin or Single Digital Thermopiles: Detectors with integrated ASIC and I2C

LASER COMPONENTS presents the new thermopile product family ST60DIGITAL with integrated ASIC and I2C output from its partner Dexter Research Center Read >>

Lambda Research Corporation Announces the Release of TracePro 7.2

TracePro 7.2 is the latest release of Lambda’s award-winning illumination and optical analysis software. This release features the first fully interactive 3D optimizer specifically designed to increase productivity by giving the user complete control of the optimization process. Read >>

Flat lens offers a perfect image

Ultrathin wafer of silicon and gold focuses telecom wavelengths without distortion Read >>

Galvo and Controller Combination Offers Infinite Field of View and 24-Bit Resolution

Aerotech’s Nmark AGV-HP advanced galvanometers use innovative optical feedback technology to increase resolution to greater than 24 bits. Read >>

World‘s First: Si Avalanche Photodiode for 200 - 1000 nm

Avalanche Photodiode for the Ultraviolet Spectral Range Read >>

Abrisa Technologies Applies Single & Multi-Layer Anti-Reflective Coatings to Glass Substrates that are Designed for Low Reflectance & High Transmission

Glass thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm up to 25.4 mm and even higher for custom requirements can be coated. Reflectance can be as low as 0.05% depending upon the wavelengths covered. Read >>


Laser Research CO2 Beam Steering Optics include beam combiners, beam splitters, ZnSe output couplers or front mirrors, silicon and molybdenum turning mirrors, silicon and copper phase retardation reflectors, and germanium end- and zero phase-reflectors. Read >>

Chemists advance clear conductive films

A new solution-based chemistry developed at Brown University for making indium tin oxide films could allow engineers to employ a much simpler and cheaper manufacturing process. Read >>

IR & Broadband Optics Configured to Provide Best Value

Offering plano convex, concave, and meniscus configurations, sizes can range from 1/4” to 6” O.D. or diagonal with tolerances to ±0.005” and thickness to ±0.002”, depending upon material. Read >>

Lumetrics® Completes Acquisition of WaveFront Sciences Products – Extends Metrology Leadership in Lenses/Lasers – Shipping First Systems

Lumetrics®, begun in Rochester in 2003, is known for its OptiGauge™ system, which is designed to reduce production time and enhance quality for the manufacturers of medical devices, optics, and industrial materials. Read >>

3D Measurement Technologies in the Plastics Industry: Creaform at Fakuma 2012

Creaform, market leader in portable 3D measurement technologies and 3D engineering services, will be exhibiting for the first time at Fakuma and presenting its 3D measurement solutions for the plastics industry. Read >>

New MaxMirror® from Semrock

Offering greater than 99% average reflectance from 350 nm - 1100 nm for both S & P polarizations with a 0° - 50° angle of incidence, the MaxMirror is the first choice for diverse and demanding beam steering applications. Read >>

Riding herd on photons

A new ‘metamaterial’ prevents electromagnetic waves from reflecting backward, pointing the way toward computer chips that move data with light. Read >>

Printed photonic crystal mirrors shrink on-chip lasers down to size

Electrical engineers at The University of Texas at Arlington and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have devised a new laser for on-chip optical connections that could give computers a huge boost in speed and energy efficiency. Read >>

PML Uses Combined Optical Techniques to Provide Important Answers on Graphene Structures

That graphene is the hot new material in the world of future electronics manufacturing is well known. With its high carrier mobility and low noise, graphene is seen as a possible candidate to ultimately replace silicon in integrated circuits. Read >>


Laser Research ZnSe Windows operate over a transmission range from 0.6 to 18 µm, have a very low absorption coefficient of 0.0005/cm @ 10.6 µm, and are non-hygroscopic. Read >>

Omega Optical Makes Advanced Astronomy Filters More Affordable

Omega Optical has made an investment in the advanced dual magnetron reactive sputtering coating system. Read >>

Newport Introduces XPS Optimized G-Code Conversion Software

The software can read, convert, and edit G-code and execute in the XPS controller, utilizing advanced features of the XPS to make it a powerful laser machining center. Read >>

Exotic Electro-Optics Announces MTF Measurement Capability for Wavelengths from 0.4 to 13 Microns

Announcing MTF measurement capability used to describe the optical performance of lenses and optical systems Read >>

Newport Introduces Integrating Spheres Series 819C/D

Calibrated and traceable to NIST standards, the 819C/D Series spheres operate in wavelengths ranging from the UV region through the visible to the near-infrared (NIR) at 1650 nm. Read >>

Omega Optical Partners with Olympus America

Omega Optical is partnering with Olympus America to provide customers with fluorescence microscopy filters mounted in genuine Olympus manufactured filter cubes. Read >>

High-speed MidIR spectroscopy device (3.0 -4.6 µm)

New LUXELL CORE WITH LVF spectroscopy device for spectral measurements in the 3.0 to 4.6 µm. Based on an uncooled linear array, this device allows the measurement of 5000 spectral lines per second that will provide you the spectral information (absorption / emission) of the target inthe MidIR region. Read >>

A Milestone in Black Coatings

The World’s Blackest Black is Now Available in “Running Meters” Read >>

Single-photon transmitter could enable new quantum devices

Long-sought goal for quantum devices — the ability to transmit single photons while blocking multiple photons — is finally achieved. Read >>

Carl Zeiss reveals High Definition FE-SEM SIGMA HD

The High Definition Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) SIGMA HD is revealed at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona by Carl Zeiss Microscopy. Read >>

UV Optical Filters - New Capabilities

Omega filters are now able to deposit the UV oxide coating material, ZrO2. The ZrO2 material transmits in the UV down to 250nm, and has excellent refractive index properties in the visible range. Read >>

Gugolz Pitch Polishing Optics is All-Natural

A line of optical polishing pitch that is made from all-natural wood resin, rather than petroleum byproducts, and can precisely match the optics being polished is available from Meller Optics, Inc. Read >>

Homogenizer – Now Available without Speckle Effects

Diffractive Optical Elements for High-Power Applications Read >>

Precision Thin Films Analysis with Ocean Optics NanoCalc Systemse

Multiple thin film reflectometry options from deep ultraviolet to near infrared Read >>

Two-Channel Pyrodetector in a TO-18 Package

Detectors for the Measurement of Gases Read >>

Plasma startup creates high-energy light to make smaller microchips

A University of Washington lab has been working for more than a decade on fusion energy, harnessing the energy-generating mechanism of the sun. But in one of the twists of scientific discovery, on the way the researchers found a potential solution to a looming problem in the electronics industry. Read >>

P&P Optica Unveils the PPO HyperChannel Spectrometer

Over 200 Separate Spatial Points Arranged in Any Configuration Read >>

Deposition Sciences Introduces Multispectral Optical Filter Assembly

The highly durable, complex MOFAs are used in linear and planar-array CMOS detectors, medical instrumentation, commercial, government, and aerospace applications. Read >>

Elbit Systems Introduces J-MUSIC™, the Newest Member of its DIRCM Systems Family

Designed to protect medium to large aircraft such as transporters, tankers, special mission platforms, business jets and others, against shoulder fired missiles Read >>

Deposition Sciences’ New Low Temperature Shift IR Bandpass Filters

The new infrared coatings are ideal in environments where it is impractical to actively heat or cool to maintain temperature stability, for example analytical instruments used for anesthesia monitoring, gas-sensing, and chemical analysis. Read >>

Avo Photonics Expands On-Site Machining Capability

In addition to newly purchased equipment, including a CNC milling machine, the expansion also includes a new stock inventory for greater responsiveness to client demands. Read >>

High Resolution Wavelength Measurement System

Fast, Customizable, Low Cost of Ownership Read >>

Mathematicians Find a Way to Hide Waves Inside an Invisible "Hat"

Research Would Allow Practical Applications of Cloaking Read >>

Ocean Optics QE65 Pro Scientific Grade Spectrometer

High sensitivity ideal for fluorescence, Raman, DNA and low light levels Read >>

Laser 2000 and Semrock introduce new Femtosecond Optics

First mirrors of the new PulseLine Family for low dispersion and high peak powers Read >>

Physicists Close in on a Rare Particle-Decay Process

Physicists have made the most sensitive measurements yet in a decades-long hunt for a hypothetical and rare process involving the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei. Read >>

New ZnS Optics for Mid-IR Lasers Offer Superior Damage Threshold

High performance, durable optics for the 2 µm to 5 µm spectral range Read >>

New KVH Series 1750 IMU Offers Breakthrough Performance in Ultra Compact Form Factor

New inertial measurement unit incorporates 3 axes of KVH’s DSP-1750, the world’s smallest fiber optic gyro, with advanced accelerometer technology Read >>

Bruker Expands Infrared Remote Sensing Product Line with Hyperspectral Imaging System HI 90

The new Bruker Hyperspectral Imaging System HI 90 is an imaging remote chemical sensing system based on the combination of a Michelson interferometer with a focal plane array detector. Read >>

Cloak and swagger: Engineers use plasmonics to create an invisible photodetector

It may not be intuitive, but a coating of reflective metal can actually make something less visible, engineers at Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania have shown. Read >>

Bruker fully automated stand-alone FTIR microscope LUMOS

The LUMOS is designed to combine best performance for visible inspection and infrared spectral analysis with highest user comfort. Read >>

Two North­eastern pro­fes­sors have dis­cov­ered an unex­pected pho­to­switch that could be used to make highly effi­cient optical electronics.

Swastik Kar and Yung Joon Jung, an asso­ciate pro­fessor of mechan­ical and indus­trial engi­neering, have received a three-​​​​year, $309,000 National Sci­ence Foun­da­tion grant to explore a phe­nom­enon they dis­cov­ered entirely by chance, which could afford a new gen­er­a­tion of extremely effi­cient electronics. Read >>

Princeton Instruments Introduces the IsoPlane, a Revolutionary Aberration-Free Imaging Spectrograph

The IsoPlane™ (patent pending) features a revolutionary new optical design that eliminates the primary aberrations present in traditional imaging spectrographs. Read >>

A physicist and an inventor

New technologies from Marin Soljacic’s lab could have a far-reaching impact on daily life. Read >>

Thorlabs Introduces New Optical Spectrum Analyzers

The recently released OSA203 features a 1000 – 2500 nm wavelength measurement range, a spectral resolution of 7.5 GHz when used as an OSA, and a wavelength meter resolution of 0.2 pm. Read >>

With random lasers, Yale researchers fight random noise, improve imaging

The scientists have produced a prototype random laser for use in imaging applications and are refining it. Read >>

Opto Diode’s New Ultra-High Optical Output IR Emitters

The new device has a spectral bandwidth of 40 nm at 50 percent with a half intensity beam angle at 110 degrees. Read >>

Metamaterials may advance with new femtosecond laser technique

"Lucky" combination of chemicals and laser pulses enables high-resolution, 3D patterning for futuristic optical materials Read >>

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