Photonics & Physics

Veeco Introduces SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System

Industry's Highest Throughput System for Precision Optical Thin Film Applications Read >>

REO now offers a range of diamond turned, aspheric mirrors, including off-axis parabolas, fabricated from either aluminum or copper substrates

Diamond turned, aspheric mirrors, including off-axis parabolas, for infrared imaging and other applications in the mid-IR and thermal IR. Read >>

Lasers mix to create multi-frequency light

By aiming high- and low-frequency laser beams at a semiconductor, the researchers caused electrons to be ripped from their cores, accelerated, and then smashed back into the cores they left behind. Read >>

Liquid-like Materials May Pave Way for New Thermoelectric Devices

In the continual quest for better thermoelectric materials—which convert heat into electricity and vice versa—researchers have identified a liquid-like compound whose properties give it the potential to be even more efficient than traditional thermoelectrics. Read >>

Stanford engineers find elusive plasmons in tiny metal particles, a boost to nanotechnology.

After five decades of debate, Stanford engineers determine how collective electron oscillations, called plasmons, behave in individual metal particles as small as just a few nanometers in diameter. This knowledge may open up new avenues in nanotechnology ranging from solar catalysis to biomedical therapeutics. Read >>

DELTA Light & Optics Launches Linear Variable VIS Band Pass Filter

DELTA’s innovative family of linear variable filters is extended with a sixth type – the best ever linear variable VIS band pass filter (LVVISBP) Read >>

Non-Polarizing Beam Splitter’s from Abrisa Technologies Reflect and Transmit Mirror Images

The color neutral non-polarizing beam splitter plates from Abrisa Technologies have one surface coated with a hybrid multi-layer film for transmittance/reflectance values and the second surface has a thin film anti-reflective coating applied to reduce ghost or double images. Read >>

Infrared Imager ViewIR ® 50 Completes Product Range

InfraTec presents its ViewIR ® 50 as monocular and compact thermographic camera for law enforcement and surveillance tasks. Read >>

u²t Photonics unveils the world’s fastest coherent Photodetector up to 64 Gbaud

The device, the CPDV1200R, extends u²t's family of highly integrated coherent photodetectors and receivers. Read >>

Jean Gallay SA Places Order For LASERDYNE 795XL BeamDirector® Fiber Laser System

Newest Technology Expands The Company's Laser Capacity In The Aerospace And Power Generation Industries Read >>

Stanford researchers create exotic electrons that may lead to new materials, devices

The handcrafted, honeycomb-shaped structures were inspired by graphene, a pure form of carbon widely heralded for its potential in future electronics. Read >>

Metal nanoparticles shine with customizable color
A new way to create and control color has implications for display screens and security tags

Engineers at Harvard have demonstrated a new kind of tunable color filter that uses optical nanoantennas to obtain precise control of color output. Read >>

MicroOLED introduces highest pixel density OLED microdisplay

MicroOLED’s new 5.4 mega pixel 0.61 inch diagonal microdisplay gives users SXGA resolution in full color at half the power consumption of competing products Read >>

Deep-Cooled, 640 x 512 InGaAs Camera Engineered for Advanced Low-Light NIR/SWIR Applications in Life and Physical Sciences

Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce the PIoNIR:640, the world’s first scientific-grade camera to utilize a deep-cooled InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) focal plane array. Read >>

Maximum Detection Efficiency for Photon Counters
Improved Fiber Coupling

The single photon counting modules from LASER COMPONENTS exhibit efficiencies of > 80% at 670 nm and > 50% at 405 nm. Read >>

Ultrafast sonograms shed new light on rapid phase transitions

An international team of physicists has developed a method for taking ultrafast “sonograms” that can track the structural changes that take place within solid materials in trillionth-of-a-second intervals as they go through an important physical process called a phase transition. Read >>

HORIBA Scientific and NKT Photonics Introduce the World’s First Commercial Integrated Supercontinuum Powered Spectrofluorometers

The HORIBA Scientific division of HORIBA Instruments Incorporated (HORIBA), has incorporated into its line of spectrofluorometers the SuperK EXTREME line of white-light lasers from NKT Photonics A/S (NKT), the pioneer of supercontinuum lasers. Read >>

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