Photonics & Physics

Researchers Send "Wireless" Message Using Elusive Particles

A group of scientists led by researchers from the University of Rochester and North Carolina State University have for the first time sent a message using a beam of neutrinos Read >>

EKB Technologies Ltd. Will Present New Laser DLP Illumination Engines at Photonics West 2012

The LASER BEAMER is designed to provide users with the ability to boost up their development time by eliminating the need to perform laboratory optical bench development – often necessary in order to learn how to operate the DLP engine prior to the actual development stage. Read >>

Lens produces hours of scientific work in seconds

A new form of microscope which can produce results in seconds rather than hours - dramatically speeding up the process of drug development- is being developed at Strathclyde. Read >>

colorPol® NIR – CODIXX's newest member of the colorPol® family

CODIXX extends the colorPol® polarizer product family with a new product covering the near infrared range - the colorPol® NIR. Read >>

Stanford engineers weld nanowires with light

At the nano level, researchers at Stanford have discovered a new way to weld together meshes of tiny wires. Their work could lead to innovative electronics and solar applications. To succeed, they called upon plasmonics. Read >>

Israel Aerospace Industries Presents C²Strike – Integrated Tactical See & Strike System

Israel Aerospace Industries Presents C²Strike – Integrated Tactical See & Strike System Read >>

TriAngle® 3D: First Autocollimator measuring angles along three axes

TriAngle® 3D autocollimators are used for high-end measuring, testing and adjustment processes where high reliability in angle determination are required Read >>

DELTA Light & Optics Extends Wavelength Range of Linear Variable Filters

DELTA’s innovative family of linear variable filters is becoming more versatile by the introduction of solutions for an extended wavelength range Read >>

Rigaku introduces new 5th generation MiniFlex benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument

Ideally-suited for today's fast-paced XRD analyses, the new 5th generation MiniFlex delivers speed and sensitivity through innovative technology enhancements such as the optional D/teX high speed detector coupled with the new 600W X-ray source. Read >>

RemoteControl NANO 250

The NanoControl user software supplied with the NANO 250 series laser modules enables perfect adjustment of the optimum working area using a computer. This facilitates both adaptation to individual requirements and long-term storage of working area data. Read >>

Chroma ATE Unveils 58173-V Laser Diode Test System

Chroma ATE has introduced its new Chroma 58173-V Laser Diode Test System, providing a total solution for VCSEL production lines from wafer to final package. Read >>

Software for non-destructive material testing with ImageIR ® and VarioCAM ® high resolution

The material properties of products can be tested without contact by applying a heat impulse to the test object by means of infrared thermography. This process, which is also known as heat flow- or active thermography, allows a non-destructive detection of material defects, such as joint flaws, blowholes, cracks or delamination. Read >>

High Ion-Exchange (HIE) Chemically Strengthened Thin Glass from Abrisa Technologies is Scratch, Impact and Shock Resistant

This thin, strong, and flexible glass is extremely durable and damage resistant making it ideal for use in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, displays, touch screens, TVs, and a host of other electronic device applications. Read >>

Laser Corrects Vignetting of Lenses

Simple laser systems in combination with a cylindrical lens provide a lot of light in the center of the projected line. With the high-quality laser systems, maybe even with Read >>

Scratch-resistant mirror with gold surface Newly-developed metal coating with dielectric protective layer

This mirror series is characterised by greatly improved resistance to environmental influences: abrasionproof, high reflection, climatically stable and highly adhesive. Read >>

New High Power 660nm Red Laser Diode Featuring Built-in Monitor Photo Diode Capability

Built-in monitor photo diode enables system designers to optimize laser performance during environmental fluctuations Read >>

Adaptative Threshold IR Switch (ATIR Switch) from New Infrared Technologies

The device is able to detect and scan hot objects without contact. The detection in the MWIR range, 1 - 5 microns, allows the detection of objects in a wide range of temperatures, starting in 200 C. Read >>

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