NIST's 'Nanotubes on a Chip' May Simplify Optical Power Measurements

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has demonstrated a novel chip-scale instrument made of carbon nanotubes that may simplify absolute measurements of laser power, especially the light signals transmitted by optical fibers in telecommunications networks. Read >>

Spectra-Physics® Unveils New High Power Femtosecond Laser

New industrial ultrafast laser ideal for femtosecond micromachining applications Read >>

Ophir Photon M2-1780 First to Measure Laser Beam Quality in Real-Time

The M2-1780 is a CCD camera-based system that works with CW and pulsed lasers down to single shot rates. The CCD is sensitive to wavelengths from approximately 250nm to 1100nm. Read >>

iBeam smart WS – wavelength stabilized diode laser

The iBeam smart WS merges an extremely narrow linewidth with high beam quality, low power consumption and a high robustness. Furthermore, the iBeam smart WS also offers an ultra-compact footprint and the known ease-of-use of a diode laser. Read >>

Jenoptik introduces new products at Photonics West 2013.

On February 5-7, 2013, Jenoptik will be presenting new products and advanced technologies in the fields of optics, lasers and infrared technology in San Francisco. Furthermore, the Group is the main sponsor of the SPIE Startup Challenge 2013 to support young entrepreneurs. Read >>

Key U.S. Patent Issued to Redfern Integrated Optics for low phase noise external cavity laser

This patent covers the design and method of achieving low phase/frequency noise in the external cavity laser based on planar lightwave circuit technology. The invention enables a unique combination of premium performance, previously achieved with complex solid state or fiber lasers, with the high reliability, manufacturability and cost effectiveness of semiconductor lasers. Read >>

AKELA Releases Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules

The module footprint is designed around standard high-power thermoelectric coolers for convenient integration and incorporates an optional blast shield, fiber sensor/interlock, and the choice of a red or green aiming beam. Read >>

TopMode: Better than a “Blue HeNe” High-Coherence, Single-Frequency OEM Lasers

TOPTICA’s new TopMode diode lasers provide high-power, highcoherence mode-hop free operation. At blue-violet wavelengths, they achieve the highest single-frequency output power of any direct diode-based system while still operating as easily as a HeNe laser. Read >>

The Optoelectronics Company debuts new range of laser diode modules

The new range of laser diode modules from the Optoelectronics Company combines a high performance Opnext (OCLARO) laser diode with quality, externally adjustable optics, a Panasonic aspherical glass lens, sophisticated electronics and rugged modular anodised aluminium housing Read >>

Daylight Solutions Launches New MIRcat™ Laser Source with Industry-leading Mid-Infrared Tuning Range

Building on the field-proven performance of Daylight Solutions’ broadly tunable Über Tuner™ series of ECqcL™ (External Cavity quantum cascade Lasers), MIRcat incorporates up to four tunable laser modules into a single, sealed laser head. Read >>

JGM Associates, Inc. (JGMA) now manufactures, markets, and sells the Model 928 and Model 830 laser diode drivers

The Model 928 provides up to 150A peak current at 100 VDC compliance voltage, and the Model 830 provides up to 50A at 6 VDC compliance. Read >>

TOPTICA scores from the red zone: A team of new and improved lasers deliver @ 633 nm

Tunable, fixed frequency, research grade or OEM platform, all lasers are available in the red wavelengths excellently suited for applications such as Holography, Interferometry, and Metrology. Read >>

Bodkin Design develops Target Surface Temperature Mapper for the US Army

The sensor, based on BD&E’s patented HPA™ hyperspectral imaging technology, is able to simultaneously map the radiometrically-correct target radiance and the target surface temperature. Read >>

Ultra-short laser pulses control chemical processes

New type of laser combines best of both worlds Read >>

Setting New Standards in Surveying via UAS

RIEGL VQ®-820-GU Hydrographic Airborne Scanner successfully integrated in Schiebel Unmanned CAMCOPTER® S-100 Read >>

The world’s most powerful X-ray laser beam -Focusing of X-ray lasers to 1 um size by atomically precise mirrors

The SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free Electron Laser (SACLA), which is placed at Harima-site in Hyogo prefecture, can produce full coherent lasers at the wave length rages shorter than 1 angstrom. Read >>

Made by LASER COMPONENTS: Pulsed Laser Modules

LASER COMPONENTS‘ pulsed laser diode modules are as small as a matchbox. The two series LS, standard, and LC, customized, have all functions for save operation and are fitted into a compact housing. Read >>

Cutting in XXL: The TruLaser 8000, engineered especially to handle oversized formats, has been entirely overhauled and boasts many new functions.

The TruLaser 8000 can cut sheet metal as much as 16 meters in length. This 2D laser machine is available, effective immediately, in a reworked design incorporating many new features. Read >>

EKB Technologies Ltd, presented the World’s 1st Laser LightCrafter™

The Laser LightCrafter™ consists of a new light engine based on an NIR laser and two LED’s at the VIS spectrum (GREEN and BLUE), and is compatible with the LED based LightCrafter™ which also uses the same hardware and software along with a 0.3” DMD engine based chip. Read >>

3kW Fiber Laser Launched by JK Lasers

A powerful 3kW fiber laser has been launched by global industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers, part of the GSI Group. The new addition to the company’s Watt to kiloWatt fiber laser range will help enhance manufacturing productivity by processing thicker section metals at faster speeds and to higher standards. Read >>

OSI Laser Diode Introduces High-Reliability, High Power, Monolithic Stack Pulsed Laser Diodes

The new high reliability, high efficiency devices feature stable output from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C for operation in extreme environments. The rise time is 1 nanosecond, the laser beam spread is 9 x 25 degrees, and the duty cycle (DC) is 0.1 percent. Read >>

New Laser Beam Measurement Product Catalogue from Gentec-EO

In this new catalogue, the reader will find a completely new section dedicated to the measurement of high power lasers (> 500 W). Read >>

Lasers reveal the hidden lives of biomolecules

Paul Cham­pion, pro­fessor and chair of the Depart­ment of Physics, uses fem­tosecond laser pulses to probe mol­e­c­ular vibra­tions that elude stan­dard ana­lyt­ical techniques. Read >>

Undisturbed excitation with pulsed light

PTB presents a new procedure to excite atoms and molecules using a laser Read >>

New LUMOS Laser Distance Meters suitable for measurement on hot surfaces

The new LUMOS laser sensors measure and monitor distances up to 500 meters – accurate to the millimeter. Read >>

Ophir Photonics Introduces Pyroelectric Laser Sensors with Industry's Widest Dynamic Range, Highest Damage Thresholds

The new PE-C laser energy sensors are designed for high power, short pulse YAG laser and harmonic generation applications in a broad range of industries, from cosmetic surgery to fluid dynamics to cutting and welding. Read >>

New DILAS SF1000/400 Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System Delivers Up to 1k

The DILAS SF1000/400 is capable of delivering up to 1-kilowatt output from a 400-micron fiber at 976nm, at a single wavelength. DILAS’ fiber-coupled system is based on macro-channel cooled diode laser bars featuring a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. Read >>

Laser Quantum purchase Gigaoptics

Laser Quantum is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Gigaoptics GmbH, Konstanz, Germany; a market leader in Ti:Sapphire GHz femtosecond lasers and oscillators. Read >>

Avo Photonics Chosen by Aerospace to Produce Spaceborne Laser Beacon for CubeSat Satellites

Avo was chosen because of its unique capabilities in rugged space-qualified manufacturing, including precision optical alignment, welding, and environmental sealing, while achieving optical performance to meet The Aerospace Corporation’s tight specifications. Read >>

Dynamic Precision Group - Turbo Combustor Technology Initiates Long Term Supply Agreement for LASERDYNE® Systems

The LASERDYNE 795XL is a six-axis system with a 2m x 1m x 1m (80 inch x 40 inch x 40 inch) work envelope that incorporates a high accuracy rotary table and Laserdyne’s latest controller, the S94P. The S94P controller has allowed Laserdyne engineers to improve and introduce hardware and software features such as Optical Focus Control (OFC) and BreakThrough Detection. Read >>

AKELA Unveils Single and Multi-Channel Laser Modules

Suitable for both R&D and OEM applications, they are designed for 100 micron, 0.22NA fibers and provide up to 2 Watts CW per channel. Future product releases will include increasingly higher power levels as well as modules designed for the medical market with built-in accessories such as photodetectors, aiming beams, blast shields, and fiber sensors. Read >>

New CVI Melles Griot SafeClose™ Shutters for Laser Applications

Designed for laser safety and laser switching, the SafeClose shutter was designed to be highly reliable and to always maintain laser safe conditions by closing automatically when power is interrupted. Read >>

TeraFlash: Time-domain terahertz spectroscopy platform

TOPTICA introduces the new TeraFlash system, a table-top platform for time-domain terahertz spectroscopy. The all-fiber design is based on mature 1.5 μm telecom technology, combining TOPTICA’s established femtosecond fiber lasers and state-of-the-art InGaAs antennas. Read >>

Fujitsu Develops World's First Super-Wide-Angle 3D Laser Radar with a Horizontal and Vertical Range of 140 Degrees

More than doubles area of visibility to detect hazards around vehicles, enabling sophisticated reverse driving support systems Read >>

Tune Up Visible Power: Higher-power tunable diode lasers from 370 to 640 nm

TOPTICA Photonics introduces the new DL pro HP, a tunable diode laser with higher output powers in the “visible” spectral region. Read >>

New Trend Color in Industrial Image Processing

405 nm and 445 nm FLEXPOINT® Line Lasers Read >>

OSI Laser Diode Introduces Eye Safe 1550nm High Brightness, Pulsed Laser Diodes

The durable CVLL Series is designed for rugged environments and extreme temperature tasks such as rangefinding, hunting, targeting, surveying, navigation, and speed measurement applications. Read >>

Oclaro and 3SPGroup Establish MSA Industry Standard

Enabling Smaller and More Compact Pump Laser Packaging Read >>

Coherent Introduces High Power Single Frequency OPSLs

Verdi G SLM lasers are based on optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology, which is characterized by low noise, high electrical efficiency, and a small platform. Read >>

Thorlabs Unveils a Dual Laser Noise Eater and Power Stabilizer

A precision instrument for stabilizing and attenuating laser beam power, the noise eater design does not incorporate any moving parts. Read >>

Coherent Debuts Fiber-Pigtailed Sapphire Lasers at Multiple Visible Wavelengths

Sapphire FP pigtailed lasers achieve a unique combination of low noise and exceptional output stability due to several factors. The first is the use of the field-proven (over 25,000 units) Sapphire laser platform that delivers a circular output beam with the industry’s lowest beam drift thereby enabling efficient coupling. Read >>

Ultra-low power consumption 2730 nm CW single-transversal mode laser diode for ECL sensing applications

Laser diodes are based on optical transitions in type-I GaInAsSb quantum wells realized on GaSb material platform. Read >>

Laser projector supports the assembly of rotor blades (wind turbines)

Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of laser modules and systems, offers the laser projector LPHFD with red or green laser source performance up to 40mW. Read >>

Fiber-Coupled Module Now Offers Increased Brightness at 793nm

Measuring 90mm x 31mm x 20mm (L x W x H), this industry-standard package boasts a wall plug efficiency (WPE) of greater than 40% at operating current. The module typically operates at <60A of current with a compliance voltage of 1.8V. Standard wavelength tolerances are +/-3nm with spectral widths less than 5nm. Read >>

Cobolt FlamencoTM: Now up to 0.5W CW single frequency 660 nm on the 05-01 Series platform.

The laser is now available with up to 500mW CW output power and is perfectly suited to demanding applications such as Raman spectroscopy, super-resolution STED nanoscopy, Interferometry, DNA sequencing and Particle analysis (e.g. DLS/PCS). Read >>

Coherent Introduces New Single Frequency CW Visible Lasers

All Genesis lasers are based on Coherent’s unique optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology, which is characterized by power and wavelength scalability, enabling lasers at key wavelengths across the visible spectrum. Read >>

2kW Fiber Laser Exhibited at Lasers for Manufacturing Event

JK Lasers’ new 2kW fiber laser will be displayed on booth 2028 at the Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), held on 23 and 24 October in Schaumberg, Illinois, USA. Read >>

New Laser Cutting Machine Offers Faster Throughput and Higher Accuracy

The META platform features a unibody chassis design. This rigid single weldment provides improved mechanical stability for the system, resulting in faster cutting speeds and better positioning repeatability. Read >>

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