AKELA Releases High Efficiency Laser Diode Modules

These entry-level modules are designed for both 200 micron and 400 micron 0.22NA fibers, and provide up to 20 Watts CW. Read >>

The Laser Beam as a “3D Painter”

With laser beams, molecules can be fixed at exactly the right position in a three dimensional material. The new method developed at the Vienna University of Technology can be used to grow biological tissue or to create micro sensors. Read >>

Optech Announces New Airborne Lidar Sensor: Orion H300—High Density at High Altitude and in Real Time!

Built on the award-winning Orion sensor platform, the H300 adds high-altitude capability to a model line that already provides low- and mid-altitude 3D laser scanning solutions for corridor and engineering applications. Read >>

Assembly with laser projector, do work steps faster

On the upcoming MOTEK Z-LASER presents laser projector LP-HFD with red or green laser source, as well as the new 3D-measuring and projection system Z3D-Control with integrated stereo cameras. Read >>

Coherent Launches Turnkey Ultrafast Seed Laser

The new Vitara-S from Coherent Inc. is a hands-free, integrated, ultrafast oscillator primarily designed to seed Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:S) amplifiers. The new member of the Vitara family uses the same state-of-the-art technology as other Vitara products and delivers the same superior beam quality and power stability, operating with a fixed bandwidth of >70 nm centered at 800 nm. Read >>

COHERENT Inc at the LASYS 2012 - Product Highlights

The METABEAM offers capacitive height sensing and a higher flow rate for assist gases, making it suitable for cutting thicker metals up to 1/8 inch stainless (3mm). Read >>

Fluiten Italia S.p.A. Takes Delivery Of A LASERDYNE 430 Fiber Laser System

The LASERDYNE 430 is a four-axis system designed for precision cutting, welding and drilling 2 and 3 dimensional components. The system operates at speeds up to 800 inch/min in the X, Y, Z axis (0-20 m/min) with bi-directional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 micrometer). Read >>

High performance fiber pigtailed diode laser modulest

The Cobolt MLD™ Series consist of high performance diode laser modules offering optimum beam quality and modulation performance from a small and compact package, with fully integrated electronics. Read >>

Multifunctional, compact and lightweight

Jenoptik launches new Laser Rangefinder with Thermal Imager for Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition. Read >>

Jenoptik Launches 3D Metal Cutting Laser Machine at IMTS 2012.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM’s laser robot arm is unique in that the optical fiber is located only in the stationary robot shoulder and the laser beam path is totally integrated. During the cutting process the laser light is guided by means of mirrors. Read >>

Avo Photonics Selected by Vescent Photonics for Optoelectronic Laser Scanner Design and Production

Avo Photonics, industry expert in rugged micro-optic design and manufacturing, has been contracted by Vescent Photonics to provide custom development and ongoing packaging services for its 2-dimensional electro-optic laser scanners. Read >>

660 nm cw Laser Diodes at 50 mW

At an output power of 50 mW this diode features a high operating temperature, minimal power consumption, and a very high life expectancy of about 30,000 hours. Read >>

Raman spectroscopy and SERDS: VBG® stabilized Laser Sources

With the help of Raman spectroscopy, the material properties of semiconductors or pigments, for example, can be very precisely analyzed. As the ideal excitation source, LASER COMPONENTS now offers VBG®-stabilized laser sources from its partner PD-LD. Read >>

Laser processing reflective materials

JK Lasers has developed a patented system that directs reflected light away from the delivery fibres and into a beam dump without the need to adjust the focus head. Back reflection levels are continually monitored and trigger an automatic shutdown if acceptable limits are exceeded. Read >>

New Focus Introduces Vortex™ Plus – Blue Tunable Laser

New Focus introduces the world’s first tunable, direct-diode blue laser that operates at 461 nm Read >>

TOPTICA’s guide star laser unveiled to the public for the first time

This laser system was developed by TOPTICA jointly with the Canadian company MPB Communications and is based on the approach pursued by the laser group of the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Read >>

New outstanding laser designed for image processing

A special 1W/808nm single-mode laser diode exclusive to Z-LASER provides ultrafine projections whilst simultaneously producing extremely high power (>300W/mm², focus at 300mm). Read >>


New features facilitate titanium splicing and welding on a bias – ideal for roll forming operations Read >>

REO Introduces Frequency Stabilized Helium-Neon Lasers

These 632.8 nm lasers are available with either 1 mW or 1.5 mW of output power, and can both be frequency stabilized to ±1 MHz over 1 hour (or ±2 MHz over 8 hours), or intensity stabilized to ±0.1% over 1 minute (or ±0.2% over 1 hour). Read >>

Ring Markings and Engravings with immaculate surface – inside and outside

With its EasyMark / EasyJewel family, ROFIN offers leading desktop laser marking workstations for a wide range of application - powered by industry-standard fiber laser sources and sophisticated laser marking software. Read >>

New Single-Mode VCSEL diodes

Low-priced red Single-Mode VCSELs with high beam quality Read >>

Spectra-Physics® Launches Compact Integrated Lasers for Bioinstrumentation

The new Excelsior One CW laser features 11 wavelengths in a single, compact housing. Read >>

Daylight Solutions Introduces a New Mode Hop-Free Laser Product Line with Enhanced Stability & Functionality for Spectroscopy in the Mid-IR

The new design allows for narrower open-loop linewidth (≤10 MHz over a 1 s integration time) and reduced jitter both at a single wavelength and while scanning. The result is improved quality high-resolution spectra. Read >>

REO Introduces Yellow HeNe Lasers for Fluorescence Excitation

The new laser features a perfectly circular beam profile and superior beam quality (M²<1.05) leading to minimized loss in single mode fiber coupling. It also offers high polarization purity (>500:1), with a guaranteed minimum output power of 2 mW. Read >>

COHERENT presents its new Structured Light Laser Portfolio at the OPTATEC 2012

The built-in powell lense and the diffractive optical elements providing line respectively dot matrices structures are all made of high quality glass, thus guaranteeing an excellent intensity distribution. Read >>

New TruLaser Tube 7000 with pivoting cutting head

The new TRUMPF laser tube cutting machine TruLaser Tube 7000 has numerous unique functions. For the first time ever, it is fitted with a new pivoting laser cutting head. Read >>

Osram: Highest Power for Industrial Lasers

New laser bar series of Osram Opto Semiconductors with 200 Watt continuous power Read >>

Laser technology manufacturer measures up mobile phone market after developing micro module

A tiny new micro laser, which weighs only 43 grams and measures 36 x 39 x 20 so it could be incorporated into mobile phones to give them an eye-safe laser measurement capability, has been developed by laser measurement technology specialist, Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), York. Read >>

Calmar Laser to Exhibit Latest fs Fiber Laser Technology at CLEO 2012

The Cazadero FLCPA now uniquely provides end users with greater flexibility through fully programmable pulse repetition rates and pulse energies to meet each individual application’s requirements. Read >>

Coherent Inc expands its product family of Taipan lasers up to 10 wavelengths

In addition, the Verdi G18 sets new standards in terms of compact design, beam quality and brightness. Especially for long distance laser projections Read >>

Nufern: Awarded Military Contracts for 46 High-Power Fiber Laser Amplifiers

These amplifiers, to be delivered later this year, will be used in the development and testing of coherent optical phased array and spectrally combined array technologies that enable scalable laser weapons that are ten times lighter and more compact than existing high-power chemical laser systems. Read >>

Small Laser Modules with a Length of 7 mm

Laser modules designed for the consumer market are often – for lack of space and financial means – self assembled. Laser diodes, collimators, and drive electronics are commonly assembled. Read >>

Micro-Welding Small Parts Using Fiber Lasers

The increasing complexity of micro-electronics, medical and engineering devices has placed stringent demands on assembly techniques. A particular challenge facing manufacturers is how to achieve the power levels necessary to micro weld accurately without distortion. Read >>

High performance diode laser modules from Cobolt

The Cobolt MLD lasers provide a spectral complement to the company’s lines of high performance CW DPSS lasers for demanding fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry. Read >>

Modulated Cobolt Dual CombinerTM 473+594 nm for Optogenetics

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance DPSS lasers, announces the release of a modulated dual-line light engine optimised for high-end Optogenetics research applications. Read >>

JK Lasers ships its first 1kW fiber laser

For today’s critical manufacturing processes, these benefits include vastly improved energy efficiency. The JK1000FL’s time-sharing capability maximises productivity by eliminating laborious system load and unload times. Read >>

Bringing dynamism to continuous operation

Volkswagen AG’s first TruLaser Cell 8030 machines enter operations Read >>

Coherent Launches Sapphire SF: Ultra Narrow Linewidth OPSLs at 488 nm and 532 nm

Coherent Sapphire lasers are based on the company's unique, optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology. Read >>

The right marking laser for any application

The Power of Choice with TRUMPF TruMark Series Read >>

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