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mvBlueCOUGAR-XD - Three new quad tap CCD sensors available

The first camera mvBlueCOUGAR-XD124a is equipped with the 2/3” ICX 674. The EXview HAD II sensor sets new standards of image quality, sensitivity and speed in full HD and beyond. With 2.8 megapixels and 60 frames per second in full HD, the sensor impresses not only with its speed but also with its high definition image quality. Read >>

Point Grey Launches New Ladybug®5 Spherical Imaging System, Offers 30 MP Resolution and 360-Degree Video Streaming

The Ladybug5 is the next-generation version of the popular Ladybug series of 360-degree cameras, and continues Point Grey’s long-standing leadership in spherical imaging. Read >>

Photon etc. Announces RIMATM, the Fastest Global Hyperspectral Raman Imaging System

Based on Photon etc.’s tunable filter, this product is the latest advance in global imaging and provides widefield Raman images faster than any other technology: a Raman image of structured Si/Ti wafer was obtain with 100,000 spectra in less than a minute. Read >>

DigitalOptics Corporation Launches mems|cam™

The mems|cam modules harness the performance advantages of MEMS technology to deliver dramatically improved speed, power, and precision in smartphone cameras. DigitalOptics has demonstrated that mems|cam offers significantly faster autofocus, at 1 percent of the power consumption of traditional voice coil motor (VCM) autofocus technology. Read >>

VISION moves to a biennial cycle

VISION 2013 will not take place - Decision taken in line with international market developments, according to a vote by exhibitors and for the benefit of visitors
VISION is changing to a biennial cycle with immediate effect. Read >>

New Microscope Interface Enables High-Quality Imaging and Spectroscopy with a Single System

The MicroSpec attaches to a UDP port on select Olympus, Nikon, and Zeiss inverted microscopes. The interface is not compatible with any other spectrographs, nor with upright microscopes. It supports all Princeton Instruments cameras with a spectroscopy mount and without an internal shutter. Read >>


"qTeach" on Baumer O500 Sensors Requires No Mechanical Adjustment Read >>

Image Engineering introduces prototype of LE7 with iQ-LED: A revolution in test chart illumination and camera calibration

The iQ-LED is the latest development project of Image Engineering. It is a multi channel LED light source that gives the possibility to generate the spectral characteristics of nearly every needed light source in just one device. Read >>

Hamamatsu announces new image sensors for high-precision, realtime distance measurement systems

The S11961-01CR is the industry’s first linear image sensor for TOF distance measurement, and the S11962-01CR and S11963-01CR are area images sensors for 3D distance-measuring cameras. Read >>

Bluetechnix releases 160 fps ToF-3D-Camera

Bluetechnix extends its Argos Smart Camera Edition by the new Argos3D-P100, a high-speed time-of-flight (ToF) camera. Equipped with a PMD 'PhotonICs 19k-S3' 3D chip, the 'P100' cam obtains a speed of up to 160 frames per second, making it the fastest ToF camera available. Read >>

Adimec introduces Rugged full-HD daylight camera and other imaging advances at OASIS 2013

The company will introduce and demonstrate additions to its latest camera technologies including The TMX6-DHD: a rugged full HD camera. The SAPPHIRE S-25A30: 25 Megapixel camera. The QUARTZ Q-12A65: 12 Megapixel camera Read >>

Adimec introduces latest Vita 25k and CMV12000 based high-resolution cameras

The SAPPHIRE S-25A45, the latest member of the new CMOS-based SAPPHIRE series, is based on ON Semiconductor’s VITA 25k image sensor. Adimec developed the new SAPPHIRE series camera platform especially for OEMs of metrology and inspection equipment who require ultra high-resolution images at high speeds. Read >>

New Sensors Unlimited 2048-pixel InGaAs Linescan Camera for 3-D Optical Coherence Tomography

The new SWIR camera, model GL2048L-10A, shrinks the depth needed behind the optical path, as its total thickness is 0.64 inches (16.3 mm); this enables easy integration into spectrometers and lens based imaging systems. Read >>

Matrox Imaging Announces Matrox Supersight Solo High-Performance Computing Platform

Low-cost addition to the Matrox Supersight family of industrial imaging computers harnesses the full power of today’s multi-core CPU, GPU and FPGA technology Read >>

Novel Sensor Provides Bigger Picture

Duke University engineers have developed a novel “sensor” that is more efficient, versatile, and cheaper for potential use in such applications as airport security scanners, and collision avoidance systems for aircraft, cars or maritime vessels. Read >>

Latest JAI products on display at Automate 2013

The center of attention is expected to be the new SP-5000M-CX2, a high-speed 5-megapixel CMOS camera belonging to JAI's new Spark Series. With its advanced imager and CoaXPress x2 interface, this camera is capable of operating at up to 209 frames per second at full 5-megapixel resolution. Read >>

Pleora Showcases GigE Vision over 10 GigE and 802.11x Wireless Technology at AUTOMATE 2013

Held once every two years, John Phillips, Pleora Senior Manager, Marketing says: "With this year's upcoming launch of GigE Vision over wireless and USB3 Vision product suites, we certainly want to ensure we are on-the-ground and available to speak with all potential partners, customers, and suppliers." Read >>

TeTechS Inc. Launches First T‐Era Series Terahertz Photoconductive Antenna Chips

Patent‐pending technology used to generate and detect electromagnetic waves at terahertz frequencies for spectroscopy, sensing and imaging applications Read >>

Cyton™ Frame Grabber Combines CoaXPress and Gen 2.0 PCle Interface for Faster Data Transfer

The Cyton CXP4 brings powerful development capabilities to machine vision, industrial automation and inspection, or surveillance design projects. By supporting the CoaXPress (CXP) standard on its front end, it facilitates video capture speeds of up to 6.250 Gigabits/second (Gb/S) in applications deploying one to four CXP-6 cameras. Read >>

TECHSPEC® High Resolution Lenses for 1” and 4/3” Sensors Ideal for Industrial Inspection

TECHSPEC High Resolution Lenses for 1" and 4/3" Sensors provide high resolution and strong contrast. They are available in 16 mm, 25 mm and 35 mm focal length lenses, compatible with up to 1" sensor formats, as well as a 50 mm focal length lens that is compatible with up to 4/3" sensor formats. Read >>

PHOTONIS Introduces Digital Extreme Low-Light CMOS Camera NOCTURN Enables Day-to-Night Vision with < 4e- read noise at 100 fps

The NOCTURN camera is especially designed for high performance under both daylight and low-light level conditions. NOCTURN perfectly fits applications where high-resolution detection and ultra-high sensitivity are required under 24/7 conditions. Read >>

New Xenon-Ruby lenses Ideal for industrial applications

Available in four focal lengths: 2.2/10mm, 2.3/16mm, 2.2/25mm and 2.3/35mm, these lenses can be used in a wide range of applications, such as traffic control, 2D/3D measurement, surveillance and security systems, and machine vision. Read >>

Teledyne DALSA Showcases Machine Vision Technology at Automate 2013

Automate is the largest solutions-based exhibition of automation technologies in North America and showcases the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions for a broad array of industries. Read >>

Matrox Imaging to demonstrate new machine vision hardware and software at Automate 2013

At Automate 2013 (January 21-24, Chicago, IL), Matrox Imaging will demonstrate new hardware and software for industrial imaging and machine vision, including Matrox Design Assistant 3.0, the latest release of its flowchart-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the Matrox Iris GT smart camera line. Read >>

Photron has added a plug-in to synchronize Photron slow motion cameras with the bestselling M Series integrated BNC Data Acquisition (DAQ) units from National Instruments™.

The NI USB-6251 BNC provides eight differential analog channels (16 Single Ended) with an aggregate one million samples per second single channel data rate. Read >>


The Kingfisher V has 4.54μm x 4.54μm pixels enabling ultra sharp image resolution and QE of up to 77%. The extremely low dark current of 0.000001 e/p/s is achieved by deep cooling, either by water or air. Read >>

Microscan to Introduce AutoVISION™ 2.0, the Next Generation of Simplified Machine Vision Software, at Automate 2013

AutoVISION 2.0 supports Microscan’s Vision MINI and Vision HAWK Smart Cameras. With compact, fully integrated or C-Mount designs, the hardware line offers a range of solutions for easy integration into systems or existing production lines. Read >>

Nikon Introduces the "NEXIV VMZ-R4540"

Utilizing optical measuring technology and image processing done by the computer, the CNC Video Measuring System automatically measures the dimensions and shapes of electronic components. The system processes the images taken by the CCD camera for precise edge detection. Read >>

Series Production Start: Basler IP Cameras with Edge Storage

Digital camera specialist Basler has started series production of their IP box cameras with edge storage functionality. From now on, all Basler IP Cameras will be equipped with an SD card slot. The integrated microSDHC card slot provides for local data storage of up to 32 GB Read >>

New Miniaturized Industrial Barcode Readers Combine Embedded Ethernet with Best-In-Class Read Performance

The MINI HAWK Xi and MS-4Xi imagers are ideal barcode reading solutions for almost any automation environment, with powerful decode algorithms to read nearly any1D/2D symbol, including the most challenging direct part marks (DPM). Read >>

Point Grey’s New Blackfly camera redefines value performance with global shutter CMOS in the world’s smallest GigE POE camera

The BFLY-PGE-13E4 model uses the EV76C560 CMOS sensor from e2v which uses a global shutter readout architecture. The first model BLFY-PGE-13E4 features a 1.3 MP, 60 fps, CMOS global shutter sensor available in both monochrome and color, less than 2 W power consumption in the world’s smallest and lightest GigE POE camera package. Read >>

New PixelCam Cameras Capture Real-Time SWIR Multispectral Images

Ocean Thin Films now provides its patented PixelTec™ patterned optical coating process for high-precision bandpass filters, opening up new possibilities for application-specific cameras. Read >>

Carl Zeiss introduces Axio Scan.Z1 Digital Slide Scanner

Axio Scan.Z1 is an automated microscope system which allows researchers to digitalize fixed tissue sections and cytologic specimens in brightfield and fluorescence. Read >>

Andor EMCCD camera leads search for Earth-like exoplanets

Fast readout speeds, negligible readout noise, high spatial resolution and photometric accuracy of ultra-sensitive Andor iXon 897 EMCCD camera improves chance of discovering planets outside our solar system Read >>

Automatic High-Precision Alignment for Laser Processing: the SCANalign® Vision System

With the SCANalign® vision system, users can realize high-precision laser processing in low-precision environments: the system automatically recognizes and locates fiducial markers or other features on workpieces, so that the laser beam can be very precisely positioned with respect to these fiducials. Read >>

XIMEA Subminiature and Board-Level Cameras Simplify OEM Integration

XIMEA Subminiature camera series with housing and Board-Level version Simplify OEM Integration Read >>

Photron launches FASTCAM SA8

The 12.8 x 10.2mm sensor size allows the FASTCAM SA8 to utilize 1-inch format C mount lenses and F mount lenses. The camera features a sealed camera body construction allowing use in harsh environments without ingress of dust and other contamination. Read >>

Lumenera’s Lw135R Research-Grade Camera

The updated Lw135R features a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor. These redesigned research-grade cameras accumulate very little dark current noise making them ideal for OEM applications that require long integration times including gel documentation, microplate readers, PCR, cell counting and machine vision. Read >>

MVTec releases HALCON 11.0.1

This release, HALCON 11.0.1, fixes bugs and offers improved features to the market. HALCON is able to read multiple types of bar codes in one call. In this auto discrimination mode, the bar code reader of the maintenance release 11.0.1 is more robust and considerably faster. Read >>

Broadcast Industry Responds Enthusiastically to Compact HD Zoom Lens

Now available in 2/3-inch, 1/2-inch and 1/3-inch CCD formats the Z10-HD lens provides users with HD resolution throughout its range of operation. The motorised 10x HD zoom lens is typically half the size and much lighter (< 500g) than other comparible zoom lenses. Read >>

A new dimension of 3D capturing

Chromasens: intelligent line sensor system for fast 3D surface measurement Read >>

The Sky’s the Limit with Navitar HemiStar® 100º/160º/180º/360º Fisheye Projection Lenses in Planetariums

Navitar continues to develop its HemiStar offerings, which are featured in a new 100º/160º/180º/360º fisheye projection lens brochure. Read >>



Teledyne DALSA Announces New Large-Format Full-Frame CCD Image Sensor

The new FTF9168 image sensors offer the highest resolution available in the industry today within a 645 optical format that can be imaged using commercially available lenses. Read >>

Teledyne DALSA Showcases Industry’s Largest CMOS Dynamic Flat X-Ray Detector at RSNA 2012

With a 30x28cm (12”x11”) field-of-view, 100um pixel resolution and the capability to output 14-bit images at 30fps over a CameraLink (Full) interface, the Shad-o-Box 3028HS detector is designed to meet the imaging requirements of the most demanding X-ray applications. Read >>


New 1/3" 9-22mm F/1.6 (Model DF020) medium telephoto lens provides an all-new solution to mini-dome camera applications. Read >>

Specialised Imaging Introduces 2 Million Frames / Second Digital Video Camera

Incorporating a proprietary hybrid camera sensor the compact Kirana Ultra High-Speed Video Camera is uniquely able to deliver high resolution (924 x 768 pixels) and high speed (up to 2 million frames / second) in a no compromise design. Read >>


Xpand technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved using fewer readers, which reduces installation time, setup duration and overall cost. Read >>

Real-time (30FPS) 25 Million Pixel Digital Camera for Industrial and Surveillance Applications

The VC-25MC camera uses the latest image sensor technology available. The 25 million pixel, 30 FPS, global electronic shutter image sensor is organized as an array of 5,120 x 5,120 having 4.5um square pixels in a 35mm optical format. Read >>

BitFlow Karbon-CXP2 is Cost-Effective Alternative to Four-Link Frame Grabbers

Incorporating the CoaXpress (CXP) standard, BitFlow Karbon-CXP2 frame grabbers offer video acquisition speeds up to 6 Gigabits per second, and will send control commands and triggers at 20 Megabits per second - all over a single piece of 75 Ohm coaxial cable in lengths up to 135 meters. Read >>

New PyLoN-IR, Controllerless, Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Spectroscopy Camera Has Fastest Spectral Rate and Reduced Dark Current.

The PyLoN-IR is linear InGaAs photodiode array camera and is designed for quantitative near-infrared and short-wavelength infrared applications that demand the highest possible sensitivity, including photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy. Read >>

HD-SDI Interface for the Sony FCB-SE600

Active Silicon announces a HD-SDI interface module for the Sony FCB-SE600 – the compact low cost HD camera module with a built in 3x optical zoom. Read >>

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