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Dedicated to Image Analysis for 50 years – Leica Microsystems Presents New LAS Modules for Metallographic Applications

The new release LAS 4.2 builds on the already comprehensive Leica Application Suite and introduces new applications, and features designed to provide a simple workflow for what can sometimes be complex imaging needs. Read >>

Headwall, QualySense Collaborate on In-Line Hyperspectral Inspection

Hyperspectral Sensors Provide Data-Rich Feedback for Precision Grain Sorting Read >>

Extra smart with two remote heads: VC nano cube dual for stereo applications

Featuring two sensor heads that measure merely 22 x 22 x 22.5 mm, the new camera is especially suited for 3D tasks and alignment applications, such as the positioning of printing plates by means of register marks, where small dimensions and a low weight are essential. Read >>

PMD´s partner Bluetechnix presents 3D camera equipped with PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3 Time-of-Flight 3D chip

The Argos3D - P100 is a new 3D camera operating on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. The Argos3D - P100 is equipped with a PMD PhotonICs® 19k-S3 Time-of-Flight 3D chip. Using active IR illumination, the sensor is able to capture 2D as well as 3D information at a resolution of 160x120 pixels with up to Read >>

3D Imaging Sensor for Machine Vision from FSI Technologies Inc.

FSI Technologies adds a new 3D imaging sensor into its machine vision product line. The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors provides support to a whole new range of robot control and inspection applications. Read >>

e2v launches the ELiiXA+ 8k/4k line scan camera based on e2v multi-line CMOS technology

e2v’s ELiiXA+ camera family is designed specifically to provide advanced speed, supreme sensitivity and high resolution by incorporating an innovative CMOS pixel architecture, combining the most advanced signal to noise ratio per individual pixel, and multi-line architecture to boost sensitivity further by sequentially integrating the same object line with full exposure control. Read >>

Dage-MTI Introduces True HD Camera with Simultaneous Live Viewing and Image Capture for Microscopy & Industrial Apps

The new camera and software system offers an ideal solution for pathology and clinical imaging demonstrations for classroom settings or review boards. It can also be implemented in collaborative environments, including industrial inspection, teleconferencing, and other remote applications. Read >>

Bruker Releases New Benchmark 3D Optical Microscope System

The ContourGT-I has been optimized to accelerate and simplify measurement setup and feature-tracking and is the world’s first bench top profiling system to incorporate Bruker’s proprietary tip/tilt head design, along with fully automated functionality, including turret, lenses, and illumination. Read >>

Xenics presents a common platform for GigE/CameraLink/CoaXPress on Vision 2012 in Stuttgart

Modular IR Camera Design for Easy Integration and Flexible Imaging Solutions Xenics Presents Common Platform for GigE/CameraLink/CoaXPress Read >>

Raptor enters into agreement with Cinogy to market a SWIR Laser Beam Profiling solution

Raptor’s high performance VISIBLE SWIR camera, the OW1.7-VS-CL-320 features a 320x256 pixel, 30μm x30μm Pixel pitch, high sensitivity InGaAs sensor with visible extension. The camera is peltier cooled, uses a 14 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output. Read >>

Toshiba Imaging Announces New IK-TF Series – High Resolution, Progressive Scan Cameras

The compact, one-piece cameras replace Toshiba’s legacy IK-TF camera series. The newly enhanced 3CCD progressive scan camera family features improved performance with expanded digital processing capabilities. Read >>

Adimec introduces CMOSIS and ON Semi high-resolution camera series and other imaging advances at Vision 2012

Ultra high-resolution combined with high-speed cameras, rugged cameras, and true color processing among the innovation Read >>

Basler Integrates Edge Storage in IP Camera Series

Digital camera specialist Basler is introducing edge storage in all IP camera models. The SD card functionality already available in their IP dome camera models will now also be integrated into their IP box camera range. Read >>

Teledyne DALSA Launches the GEVA-300

A Compact, Low-Cost Vision System Read >>

IDS presents the versatile and compact Ensenso stereo 3D camera

The camera works according to a new procedure called “projected texture stereo vision” and is fitted with two global shutter CMOS sensors and a pattern projector, which projects a random dot pattern onto the object to be captured. Read >>

VRmagic at VISION 2012: New intelligent camera platform

The German camera manufacturer VRmagic introduces a new intelligent camera platform at VISION 2012. Read >>

Adimec announces new ultra high-resolution camera series

The S‐25A30is a 25 megapixel CMOS global shutter camera and delivers images of 5120 x 5120 pixels at 32 frames per second (fps). Using the Region Of Interest (ROI) function the frame rate can be increased, for example 100 fps at 8 Megapixels. Read >>

ISVI introduced, during the Stuttgart 2012 Vision Show 2 new Coaxial Express cameras

The CXP is new technology using 4 coaxial cable or channels and each channel can transmit up to 6.25Gbs and max of 25Gbps for all 4 channels. The ISVI new CXP cameras will be available in Mono or color 8bits/ 10bits Raw Bayer, with Auto or manual white balance, Gama setting low noise and high dynamics range with 25G shock and vibration. Read >>

New Scientific ICCD Camera Enables Frequency Domain Measurements!

The PI-MAX4:1024i-RF camera enables frequency domain measurements for fluorescence lifetime studies utilizing minimal external equipment. By modulating the gain of its Gen III filmless intensifier at a radio frequency (RF) rate between 1 MHz and 200 MHz, the camera operates as a 2D lock-in amplifier. Read >>

Carl Zeiss Introduces Lightsheet Z.1 Light Sheet Microscope System

3D fluorescence imaging of large living specimens with low phototoxicity Read >>

Point Grey Launches New 2.8 MP Flea3 GigE Vision Camera Model, First-to-Market with Sony ICX687 EXview HAD CCD

Building on Point Grey’s extensive experience with Sony CCD technology, the Flea3 FL3-GE-28S4 monochrome and color models use the all-new, highly sensitive Sony ICX687 EXview HAD CCD II™ image sensor to deliver high resolution, high quality images in a compact and low-cost package. Read >>


Baumer GigE Cameras Permit Identical Color Reproduction in Multi-Camera Applications Read >>

Xenics‘ line-scan and 2D SWIR cameras for medical OCT enabling high resolution non-destructive depth analysis

An illumination beam in the SWIR spectrum around 1300 nm penetrates to a depth of several millimeters enabling spatial resolutions in the micrometer range. Depending on the type of tomograph line-scan or 2D detector arrays are used. Read >>

Novel technique sheds new light on global warming and ozone depletion

Andor iKon-M camera at the heart of novel TPEPICO (threshold photoelectron–photoion coincidence) velocity imaging apparatus Read >>

IDS presents new compact camera at the VISION 2012

The USB uEye ML with USB 2.0 interface is extremely robust, yet lightweight and compact due to its magnesium casing. Its lockable USB and Hirose connector and metal casing ensure secure operation even in extreme industrial environments. Read >>

FLOVEL UNVEILS High-sensitivity hd camera

Records High-Resolution HD Images Under Moonlight Sensitivity of 0.01 Lux. Read >>

Microscan releases ultra-compact 2D imaging engine with dual optical field

MS-2D barcode imaging system can be easily integrated into OEM devices Read >>

Four new Canon network cameras support Full HD video transmission

The new Canon VB-H41 and VB-H41B flagship-model pan-tilt-zoom network cameras, positioned above the VB-M40 and VB-M40B (released in May 2011), respectively, support Full HD resolution, delivering high-quality video and exceptional video-transmission performance, made possible by the combination of Canon’s optical and video technologies, cultivated through the company’s development of cameras and lenses. Read >>

Point Grey Redefines Price Performance, Debuts Revolutionary New Blackfly™ and Grasshopper®3 Camera Lines at VISION 2012

At VISION Point Grey will show many popular existing FireWire, GigE Vision, and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 products, as well as introduce—and demonstrate live—two exciting new camera lines: the cost-effective Blackfly™; and the high-performance Grasshopper®3. Read >>

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