Illumination & LED's

LumiBright BD

High Density LED Array Boards for Demanding OEM Applications

Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces a new product line; LumiBright™ BD Boards for high power LED applications.

Low-cost LEDs for saving energy and improving health

Gallium nitride has been described as “the most important semiconductor since silicon” and is used in energy-saving LED lighting. A new £1million growth facility will allow Cambridge researchers to further reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of LEDs, with potentially huge cost-saving implications. Read >>

New LED Streetlight Design Curbs Light Pollution

98 percent of lamp's energy goes to lighting the street instead of the night sky Read >>

Henkel Adhesives Satisfy Stringent Criteria for Use with Cree® LEDs

Loctite® Adhesives Meet Challenging Chemical Compatibility Testing Protocol Read >>

The new BTS256-E LED-Luxmeter fully characterizes any type of light source for precise quality control

Gigahertz-Optik's new BTS256-E LED-Luxmeter provides all necessary illuminance, color and spectral data to fully qualify SSL, CFL and any other type light source. Its Bi-Technology sensor improves measurement accuracy and is precisely cosine corrected. Read >>

Heraeus Noblelight becomes leading supplier of ultraviolet process solutions with acquisition of the Fusion UV Systems group.

The new joint technology portfolio covers all known methods of UV light generation, e.g. microwave-excited UV lamps and innovative UV LED modules, which will open up new areas of application for us," says Rainer Küchler, managing director of the Heraeus Noblelight business group. Read >>

Scientists Mimic Fireflies to Make Brighter LEDs

Optics Express papers detail new bio-inspired coating that increases LED efficiency by 55 percent Read >>

LDLS™ EQ-99 Manager - The Smart Controller for Laser-Driven Light Sources from Energetiq Technology, Inc.

The EQ-99 Manager connects to a computer via USB, allowing easy control and monitoring of the status of the LDLS™, including bulb operation hours and other parameters. A bright LED front-panel display can also show this information. Read >>

Master Distributors Offers E-Switch’s Latest Illuminated Tact Switches

The TL3210 series measures only 5.6mm x 3.5mm, making it the tiniest illuminated tact switch in E-Switch’s product line. It is available with LED illumination in blue, red, green, yellow, white, and a bi-color red/green option. Read >>

High-performance OLED lighting module

OLEDmodule LUREON REP: A breakthrough in the world of OLEDs Read >>

Carnegie Mellon’s Smart Headlight System Will Have Drivers Seeing Through the Rain

Shining Light Between Drops Makes Thunderstorm Seem Like a Drizzle Read >>

A second chance

Oslon LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors offer greater flexibility with uniform solder pad design Read >>

Hamamatsu announces VUV electrostatic remover for semiconductor thin film manufacturing

The VUV Ionizer is the first of its kind to be developed for electrostatic chucking and dechucking, which is used in various ways during the production of semiconductor thin films. Read >>

New Ring Light with aligned Light Output

LATAB, the Swedish specialist for LED illumination in machine vision applications presents a new highly homogenous ring light. It is characterized by a 50 degree inward aligned light output which places it between conventional ring lights and dark field lights. Read >>

ecoVis Krypton Light Source for VIS-NIR Applications

Compact, economical source has response from 400-2500 nm Read >>

New UV LED System for Efficient Pinning Applications

The new air-cooled UV-LED module is very light, small and extremely silent. It can be adapted to almost every of inkjet head established in the market. Read >>

New smartlight driver from ams integrates control of three separate banks of ‘smart’ indicator LEDs

AS3661 expands the ams family of baseband-independent, low-power smartlight drivers Read >>

Hamamatsu introduces world’s smallest battery-powered 2 W xenon flash lamp module for spectroscopy instruments

The L12336 series incorporates the lamp’s trigger socket into the world’s smallest package for a 2 W xenon flash lamp module, and also offers battery-powered operation. Read >>

Infrared Emitters allow particle-free plastic welding

Intake pipes, ventilation parts and containers for brake fluid or windscreen wiper water in cars have to withstand pressure. These pipes and containers are often injection molded as plastic half shells before being welded together to form the finished product. Infrared heating technology helps to join the parts securely together without creating particles in the insides of the tubes. Read >>

Low angle illumination for machine vision

Low angle lights offer an efficient way to illuminate parts with lower placed structures Read >>

Cooper Lighting Expands its LED Outdoor Area/Site/Roadway Offering

Sleek, Lumark Navion™ LED luminaire features unmatched optical performance and versatility. Read >>

Utah Physicists Invent ‘Spintronic’ LED

New Technology Promises Brighter TV and Computer Displays Read >>

Opto Diode Introduces Surface Mount Photodiode

The device operates in the spectral bandwidth from 400 (min.) to 1100 (max.) nm, with a peak sensitivity of 940 nm. Typical responsivity is at 0.44 A/W with typical reverse dark current at 5 nA and total capacitance, typically at 25 pF. Read >>

Labsphere illumia®lite a World First in Portable Spectral Flux Analysis

Sphere-based flux and color measurements with handheld unit Read >>

Opto Diode Introduces Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter

The new photodiode offers low capacitance and short switching time in a surface-mount package, making it ideally suited for industrial photoelectric control applications. It features high sensitivity ranging from 730 nm to 1100 nm spectral range, with peak sensitivity at 940 nm. Read >>

New LED Illumination Products Launched

Major Enhancements to LED Spot, Ring, Area and Line Lights Product Line Read >>

New compact backlights

The successful series BLC (backlight compact) has been revised. To meet the demand for a more robust lighting the mechanics were upgraded to a new level. Read >>

Osram Ostar Projection Cube LED: a giant leap for smartphones and cameras

Double the system brightness for embedded projection thanks to a new green LED component from Osram Opto Semiconductors Read >>

Veeco Introduces New Suite of GaN MOCVD Systems to Extend Industry Leadership in LED Manufacturing

These new systems are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8” configurations. Existing MaxBright and K465i systems are easily field-upgradeable to the high performance HP option. All of Veeco’s MOCVD systems feature its low maintenance TurboDisc technology, which enables highest system availability and throughput. Read >>

High Power, Fiber-Coupled LED Light Engines Replace Lasers and Arc Lamps in Industrial, Medical, and Life Science Equipment

Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces its new product line; LumiBright FC™ fiber-coupled LED light engines. The versatile and powerful solid-state light sources are ideal for fiber optic applications in industrial, medical, and laboratory equipment. Read >>

Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting

With the age of the incandescent light bulb fading rapidly, the holy grail of the lighting industry is to develop a highly efficient form of solid-state lighting that produces high quality white light. One of the few alternative technologies that produce pure white light is white-light quantum dots. Read >>

A “New” New York State of Mind: Empire State Building Redefines New York City Skyline With Philips LED Lighting

World’s most famous office building teams with Philips Color Kinetics to create state-of-the-art, dynamic lighting system that can change building’s mast colors in real-time Read >>

New Broadband Visible Light Source Produces Balanced Output

BluLoop Light Source from Ocean Optics is ideal for color applications Read >>

Temperature stable Oslon SSL LED with constant efficiency

Oslon SSL-LEDs by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors stand for high light output. The new generation of high-power-LEDs will be appreciated by users for its improved performance, with an efficiency increase of approximately 25 percent. Read >>

Opto Diode Introduces Wide-Emission, High-Power IR LEDs

The new device is an upgrade and replacement for Opto Diode’s OD-880W IRLEDs, offering nearly double the output power, added stability, and much less degradation. Read >>

LED light engine with integrated converter

Compact, flexible and fit for the future Read >>

The Competence in Specialty Light Sources for printing systems

Special and personalized printing processes need special treatment. The ink of ink jet or laser printers need to be completely dried or cured before the printed sheets are passed on for subsequent operations such as stacking, cutting, folding or gluing. Infrared or UV technology is used for drying and curing, depending on the type of ink. Heraeus Noblelight presents its manufacturing competence in specialty light sources and systems for printing systems at Fespa 2012, in Barcelona, Spain. Read >>

Success in research: First gallium-nitride LED chips on silicon in pilot stage

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors expands its leading position in high-quality, thin-film LEDs Read >>

Heraeus Noblelight launches the latest development in its Photoionisation Detector Lamps range.

Heraeus PID lamps offer an excellent lifetime and are proven to last more than 8000 hours. PID lamps are most commonly used in Hand-Held Gas Detectors for VOC detection, gas chromatography (GC), trace gas monitoring and sample ionisation for mass spectrometry. Read >>

Energy-Efficient Philips LEDs Light the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

Innovative technology also used in ever-expanding line of Philips Ambient LED bulbs for consumer use Read >>

Philips unveils revolutionary water disinfection solution

This solution is based on cutting-edge disinfection technology optimized for point-of-use applications. For the first time water can be disinfected instantly, efficiently and independent of water temperature. Read >>

Light art with high-power LEDs in crystal white

For the past fifteen years the Austrian artist Hermann Präg has focused on light as his inspiration and his medium. His latest work uses the new TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT units from Tridonic. Read >>

Excelitas Technologies Introduces Newest LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Module in XLM Series

XLM Plus comes complete with electronics and communication interfaces, and is ideal for Endoscopy, Surgical Microscopy, and Headlamp applications Read >>

Sharp to Introduce High-Power LED Lighting Devices

Industry-Leading Luminous Efficacy of 93.3 lm/W in the 50W Class Read >>

Twice the output in a compact package

OSRAM OSTAR Compact 2x2 is setting new standards in brightness for the projection market Read >>

Photoionisation Lamps are the heart of gas detection systems

Lamp specialist Heraeus Noblelight offers PID lamps with more than 8000 hours lifetime Read >>

LED-Panel v2.2: New “Rolling Shutter” Mode

Based on a request from their customers, Image Engineering LED-Panel now has an additional mode for determining the impact of a rolling shutter. This mode operates all 10 rows of LEDs simultaneously to see if there is a noticeable time shift in the readout of the camera. Read >>

New Philips inspection lamps provide high light output in confined working spaces to make work easier and more comfortable

All Philips inspection lamps are also protected against chemicals thanks to their robust casing Read >>