New UV LED System for Efficient Pinning Applications

UV LED system of Heraeus

A new UV LED system of Heraeus’ NobleCure® series for special pinning applications to optimize your curing processes.
(Photo: Heraeus Noblelight GmbH)

October 01, 2012

Heraeus Noblelight presents a new efficient UV-LED solution for effective pinning applications at LabelExpo Americas 2012. Learn how to optimize your curing process and save energy at the same time – discuss your application with our UV-LED experts at the Heraeus booth at LabelExpo Americas, September 11-13, 2012 in Chicago, booth no. 5218.

Time for drying and curing inks is very limited in an integrated manufacturing process especially when the market requires increased printing speed. In a multicolor printing process it is important that each color is perfectly cured or, depending on the process pre-cured or “pinned” to avoid that the colors bleed into each other. Heraeus Noblelight has developed a flexible and modular UV-LED system for these special pinning applications. The new system belongs to the well-established NobleCure® series and offers the same significant advantages such as low power consumption, low heating of sensitive materials, long lifetime and low weight to name the most important.

The new air-cooled UV-LED module is very light, small and extremely silent. It can be adapted to almost every of inkjet head established in the market. Because of its plug & play characteristics the installation is simple, no separate cooling units nor custom specific power supplies are required.

Total optical output irradiance, UV dose, working distance and peak wavelength - all play an important role on the printing quality and manufacturing efficiency. These parameters had been optimized in the new UV-LED system to reach the best curing results. Efficient optical and thermal design of the Heraeus NobleCure® series ensures low energy consumption. All Heraeus NobleCure® are instantly switchable and dimmable for a large range of applications and curing conditions in the printing process.

Learn more about Heraeus Noblelight’s UV LEDs in your application at LableExpo Americas or go to

Heraeus Noblelight is represent in Israel by New Technology SK (Newtech):

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