LED-Panel v2.2: New “Rolling Shutter” Mode

Press Release
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LED-Panel v2.2

September 19, 2011

Based on a request from their customers, Image Engineering LED-Panel now has an additional mode for determining the impact of a rolling shutter. This mode operates all 10 rows of LEDs simultaneously to see if there is a noticeable time shift in the readout of the camera.

This new mode has been implemented in all LED-Panels delivered from today. For older panels the implementation of the new mode requires a hardware modification as well as new firmware. For owners of a version 2 type panel, Image Engineering offer an upgrade for 350 € plus shipping and the device has to be sent to Image Engineering to be upgraded.

Owners of a version 1 device (with the two turning knobs on the front) can exchange their devices and receive a new one with a 15% discount.

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